Current Audition Opportunities

Michigan Opera Theatre is auditioning for the 2018-2019 season. Click here for audition information.

If you are interested in receiving notification of future audition opportunities, please email your contact information and voice part to:

Elizabeth Anderson | Production Coordinator |

Working for the Michigan Opera Theatre Chorus

The Michigan Opera Theatre Chorus is hired on a per production basis. Michigan Opera Theatre engages its artists under an agreement with the American Guild of Musical Artists.

Michigan Opera Theatre holds auditions for the chorus once per calendar year for the following opera season. Chorus members must audition each year. If offered a chorus position in one or more operas, the following information will apply.

Pay Scale

Chorus pay levels as of 6/15/15


All conflicts with scheduled rehearsal must be submitted when you accept the position. After that point, you may submit a conflict to the Production Coordinator. Excusal is at the discretion of the company. Any absence not previously excused by the Company is considered unexcused.

Late arrival for rehearsals and unexcused absences will be documented with a letter designating your tardy or absence. A copy of this letter will be kept in your file at Michigan Opera Theatre. The following sections of the current collective bargaining agreement address tardiness &/or absences as follows:

Paragraph 28(j)(1) of the AGMA basic agreement:

“Frequent and repeated unexcused tardiness is disruptive to the rehearsal and performance process, and may be considered a breach of contract. Accordingly, frequent and repeated tardiness may result in discipline or dismissal.”

Paragraph 28(j)(2) of the AGMA basic agreement:

“Frequent and repeated unexcused absences are disruptive to the rehearsal and performance process. Three (3) or more unexcused absences within a season may constitute a breach of contract, and, accordingly, may result in discipline or dismissal.”

Paragraph 28(j)(5) of the AGMA basic agreement:

“The COMPANY reserves the right to dismiss a CHORISTER from any production if the CHORISTER’S absence makes continuing in the production impractical.”

American Guild of Musical Artists

AGMA is the American Guild of Musical Artists and the union that represents our chorus.

You are required to become members of AGMA after 30 days of engagement. This means that application to become a member needs to happen no later than 30 days after your first rehearsal. Payment plans are available for the membership fee. Please address all questions regarding the union to your chorus AGMA representative or to AGMA directly.

Your local representatives are listed below. They are elected AGMA representatives here at Michigan Opera Theatre. They are also fellow members of the chorus and are available to answer any questions as well as give you a copy of the contract between MOT and AGMA so you are fully aware of your rights and protections.

AGMA initiation fee is $500. This amount can be worked out on a payment plan through the union directly. AGMA also requires you to pay dues in the amount of $79 per year. There is also a 2% fee deducted from every paycheck. The $79.00 will be billed annually beginning in December and will be due and payable by January 1.

A copy of the agreement between Michigan Opera Theatre and AGMA is available in the Production Department upon request. You may find more information at Please make sure that you review the page marked “Member Info.”

Contact Information

American Guild of Musical Artists
1430 Broadway, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Toll free: 800.543.AGMA

Local AGMA Reps

Yvonne Friday
Richard Jackson, Jr.


The schedule you receive with your offer of employment is subject to change. You will continue to receive schedules from the Opera as dates or times are updated to adjust to the production schedule for the show. Per our union contract, we are required to notify you of any change of schedule 48 hours in advance.

You may notice dates that are followed with “(option).” This means that the Opera is holding that date and that time for a rehearsal and reserves the option to cancel it. You will be notified in advance if this is going to happen.

Sign In Sheets

Sign in sheets will be posted on a bulletin board outside the rehearsal space before every rehearsal or performance. You are required to sign in upon arrival. If you do not sign in you cannot be paid. Please make sure you sign in legibly prior to every rehearsal.


Michigan Opera Theatre will provide you with the chorus parts for the opera you are involved in. You will be notified via email when those parts are available to you. Parts are signed out from the Production Department, located on the 3rd floor of the Detroit Opera House. If you are interested in purchasing a full piano vocal score for the opera you are in, you may contact the Production Coordinator for information on the edition being used.

Music is to be returned before the final performance of the show being performed. If your copy is not returned by that time you will be responsible for the cost of its replacement.


Rehearsals are held in the Detroit Opera House. Each time you enter the building, you will enter at the Stage door, located on the Madison Street side under the smaller of the two red awnings. You are required to sign in prior to each rehearsal downstairs at security and sign out when you leave (in ADDITION to the sign in sheets posted outside your rehearsal location).

Depending on other events being held in the building, your rehearsal space may change. Please refer to your schedule to notify you of where to go in the building.

Building Etiquette

Rehearsals and performances are restricted to those involved in the show only. This applies as well after a production moves from the rehearsal space to the stage. No chorus guests or family are allowed backstage at any time. Food and drink are not allowed in the rehearsal room or on stage. Water is acceptable if in a closed container.


Michigan Opera Theatre will provide you with a parking pass to park in the Herman Frankel | Opera House Parking Centerr. If you lose this parking pass, you will be charged $5 for a replacement.


Michigan Opera Theatre communicates with the chorus through email. While on contract (first rehearsal – last performance) you are expected to check email on a regular basis for any updates or communication from the theatre. Following the initial offer of employment from MOT, all correspondence comes from the following address: Please make sure to add it to you address book so that you receive all information coming from the company.


Michigan Opera Theatre expects that your music be memorized 2 rehearsals PRIOR to the first rehearsal with the conductor of the production.