Giving Tuesday: Support In-School Performances - Michigan Opera Theatre

“An experience our students will never forget! They were laughing, dancing, and staring in awe!”

Today on Giving Tuesday, hundreds of donors just like you are coming together to generate impactful support for our in-school opera performances, allowing us to provide access to Michigan children who would otherwise lack the opportunity.

Teachers in underserved schools tell MOT that exposure to a live performance such as a children’s opera is a life-changing opportunity for their students that opens up the world and plants the seeds of success. These performances can make a significant educational impact on schoolchildren, effectively teaching academic content as well as increasing their tolerance of others and their understanding of the world around them.

Can we count on you to help us reach our goal of $10,000 so we can send our Jack and the Beanstalk children's opera to 10 underserved public elementary schools and serve over 2,500 students?





Donate over the phone by calling 313.237.3427



John Davies’ Jack and the Beanstalk, one-act opera set in the ancient West African Mali Empire, tells the classic tale through music from the operettas of Sir Arthur Sullivan. Not only is this music highly accessible, it introduces young people to the melodies of existing classics-- a great perk, according to music teachers at some of our partner schools. The show incorporates video elements into the production, blending live singing with media more familiar to young people as they engage with opera-- many for the very first time!

When Jack sells the family cow to a mysterious man for a handful of beans, he has no idea what kind of adventure awaits him! When the beans take root, and a magical stalk grows to the sky, Jack will discover a land of giants, a golden hen… and an important lesson about treating other people with kindness. This new twist on an old favorite is a must-see for children of all ages!

Giving Tuesday