A note to our patrons and supporters - Michigan Opera Theatre

Pavarotti’s iconic voice fills the hall. Odette fouettés a spectacular 32 times.

Elphaba soars above the stage—Tosca flings herself off of it.

The curtain has closed on Michigan Opera Theatre’s 2019-20 season, but as the old theatre adage proclaims: “The show must go on.” The show goes on in the memories of how opera and dance enrich our lives and play a critical role in the vitality of our Michigan communities.

Our incredible family of donors, patrons, and artists who support MOT keep the Detroit Opera House full of soaring crescendos and boisterous applause, even as the hall remains empty for the sake of public safety.

Let your favorite moments in our opera house fill you with strength, inspiration, and hope for the day that we can come together once more.

We rely on your support now more than ever. Your contribution enables MOT’s continued pursuit of its mission and guarantees our position as an enduring symbol of culture, resilience, and innovation in Detroit and around Michigan when we can return to the stage.

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Thank you again for supporting Michigan Opera Theatre.

It means the world to us.