Reviews: The Nutcracker - Michigan Opera Theatre

Reviews: The Nutcracker

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Paul - Wayne

Very good. There were a couple moments when the choreography was a little off; but I really enjoyed the entire performance overall. The children dancers lent quite a bit to the experience. My favorite part by far was the Act 2 dance with the sheet (the Arabian Dance, I think it was), and the choreography of that movement was simply exceptional. The orchestration was spot on. 4 1/2 stars, would crack nuts again.


Joan - Detroit

Enjoyed it tremendously. As did the 3 deaf young men I took with me.
Two complaints:
1. Do we need the voice over that interferes with the music and provides no information that we don't already know or can't figure out?
2. Must the concession sell potato chips? I'm in a $100 seat (plus the 3 more that I bought for my guests) and I have crinkly food wrappers and jiggling ice in cups in my ear for 1/3 of the show. Can we get along for a couple of hours without eating or drinking?


William J - Rochester

Very well done. I thought the principle male dancers were amazing - all three were very skilled. One of the rare performances, for me, that the male principles were on par, if not slightly more dynamic, than the female leads, who were proficient, but there wasn't one particular female lead who stood out and proclaimed: 'I am the prima ballerina of this troupe'. That seems to be up for grabs by the older Clara and whoever performed multiple very nice classic pas de deux, 2nd act - sorry, don't know any names. Regardless, a well done and mature performance. The local youths who danced were very good, the orchestra amazingly excellent, as usual, we enjoyed the music talk beforehand also. The activities for family and children were very well done - bravo to the DOH again!!!


Leslie - Dearborn

My son and I immensely enjoyed the performsnce of The Nutcracker at the Detroit Opera House. I chose to see this performance because we were looking forward to the live music and we were very impressed with her be Orchestra. The principle dancers were excellent and the younger dancers did well and were fun to watch. The costumes were beautiful! We also enjoyed a couple of the things that were done differently than in previous performances we sing, such as the Chinese dragon and especially how the little nutcracker bowed on the mantle at the end. We did wonder where the Christmas tree had gone when Clara woke up and was back in the living room in front of the fireplace though. Overall, an outstanding experience. Thank you!


JAL - Detroit

We look forward to it every year. Great performance, venue, and activities for the kids. See you again in 2020!


Diane M - Southfield

I attended the Sunday performance with my daughter and granddaughter. It was delightful and the dancers, both children and adults, were superb. My granddaughter was absolutely mesmerized.


Harriet - Hunt

I’ve seen the Nutcracker in many different venues (including the Opera House) so I have some experience when I say this performance was the most enjoyable and engaging than any other interpretation I’ve seen. The principal dancers were very good. Not only were they technically polished, they portrayed their characters with personality. I enjoyed the young dancers as well. They were accomplished and professional, especially the child who played the “naughty” one who was a joy to watch. Congratulations for sharing this wonderful production!


Nancy Johnson - Farmington

The Nutcracker performance at the Detroit Opera House was a magical experience. The dancers were superb, the music excellent and the venue glorious! The children's activities offered at the matinee was thoroughly enjoyable.

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