Reviews: The Joffrey Ballet - Michigan Opera Theatre

Reviews: The Joffrey Ballet

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Julie - Troy

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Haven't seen Joffrey in a while and I loved all the wonderful dancers in the company. The choreographic lineup was stellar. I so hope this will be a beginning of serious dance coming and staying in Detroit. My husband enjoyed the performance also, and he's not necessarily a dance fan. Keep the companies coming, MOT! Thank you!!


Wm J Lusk - Rochester

Wow! Fun, original, 'modern' dance with really effective hints of and movements of more traditional flair, high energy and captivating. Encore! The Joffrey continues to establish itself as innovative, and a benchmark for modern dance performances and introducing creative choreographers. Only sorry to see a relatively poor turnout for Sunday's matinee', however, the audience was very enthusiastic and the performers appreciated that, I'm sure.


BAK - Oakland County

It was a stellar performance. How fortunate that MOT brings us such magnificent dance. I have attended only a few dance performances at MOT but will surely not miss anymore this season and in the future!! Loved every minute.


Nickand Maria - Chesterfield

This was our first ballet. Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend. Mesmerizing how the dancers moved.


TBJ - Bloomfield Hills

What a wonderful performance, from Act 1 to the end. It was well paced but innovative in a way that captured your attention throughout. I will not miss them when they return!



I enjoyed the performance very much. It was fun, it was funny, it was great dancing, all in one.


Bram - Detroit

I loved it. The 3 acts all different and each wonderful in it's own right.


Gary - Shelby Township

Stunning performance - especially "Joy." Innovative and captivating. Everything I would expect from Joffrey!


Robert - Detroit

It was a great performance. The mystery of the of the first piece, interesting themes of the second piece, and the bizarrely fun and joyous program "Joy". Plus the performers from Joffrey did an excellent job, I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Rachel - Kimball

What a delight! I attended my first ever ballet yesterday evening and it just happened to be the Joffrey ballet. I rejoiced in the fluid movement of the first act. It was traditional, romantic and exactly what I always wished it would be. The second act was spectacularly modern. More ridged movements causing my emotions to be all over the place. The star of the evening for me was what I referred to as “earth and water”. Oh mylanta I would watch that every second for the rest of my life! I will dream about that segment for many more moons! The final act was full of laughter! It was delightful but I found myself craving more of the romantic style mixed in. It left me wanting more! I will be back!!!


Sue - Livonia

Loved every minute. Joy.


Richelle - Dearborn

This performance was magically delicious, from start to end. The Joffrey is wonderful- and this highlighted their best - beautiful movement, classically built strength, musicality, creativity, gorgeous costuming, humanity and humor. Bravo! I first fell in love with the Ballet by seeing the Joffrey while living in Chicago- they did a Prince music performance. I only hope that they reprise it!


Nicole - Royal Oak



Susan - Southfield

“Fantabulous” Joffrey dancers are beautiful and truly amazing. I was mesmerized!


Davida Green - Detroit

I loved the final portion of the program joy. It was a wonderful uplifting way to end a beautiful evening.


Dan - Rochester Hills

I am sitting in the Michigan Opera House and have just experienced an amazing celebration of human movement and form. The Joffrey Ballet troupe is simply world class. The fluidity and creativity of human form and function stimulates basic ideas about being a human being, what we can communicate and how we express ourselves. In the first set of dances the neoclassical music score is a delicious counterpoint to the modern forms of movement and dance. The second set is nature, space travel, concrete and abstract. The third set is humorous, sensuous, playful, creative and really big on shoes – and birds, too. We can just bring our imaginations and let it flow with these amazingly accomplished artists, who, by the way, all look like chiseled Greek Gods and Godesses. (A little eye candy never hurt anybody!). This is great art that takes you places that you never imagined before and that is what great art is all about, isn’t it?


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