Reviews: Malandain Ballet Biarritz - Michigan Opera Theatre

Reviews: Malandain Ballet Biarritz

Jessica - Rochester

Incredible program, beautiful dancers, exceptional music, brilliant choreography, lovely set design. So happy to see such a unique company make its way to Detroit.



An absolutely well trained ballet company. The director has chosen beautiful music and his choreography juxtaposes classical work with just plain fun movement. The first piece, sorry Evro? was just brilliant. Music story and dance with the limited effective props was uber excellent. Ive never seen Cranko' s version unfortunately.
Who doesnt like Ravel' s music. Again brilliant music and dancers moving in a small space with great synchronisation.
I like that the dancers are not all uniform in size. They loved to perform. They smiled! I loved no point shoes for a change and the first piece was as beautiful in ballet slippers as if the ladies were on point. I also loved that they didn't need 180 degree extension.
First time for this ballet company for me and it was a real lift for me. I smiled too. I found that French audiences dont stand for performers often so i hope the dancers enjoyed the fact that many audience members did tonight. The applause was well warranted. Id love to see them again and doing the first piece again.


Dan - Rochester Hills

If you missed this, YOU MISSED THIS! Modern dance is really something and this troupe is nothing short of brilliant. Everything French is all style and grace and can be as light as a souffle and as rich as an éclair that is filled with custard. This troupe is no exception. (Okay, a lame analogy, but you get it.). These artists have mastered some of the most intricate and complex human movements in dance. The music is perfectly chosen. The baroque, interestingly, pairs extraordinarily well with modern ballet. Who knew? Chopin is written as if it is composed just for you and the elegance of this interpretation is ideal. Bolero builds with all the joy and intensity that you could ever imagine. It is all original, unique, fresh, full of energy, full of life – sad, happy, intense, relaxed and everything in between. I hope we see this troupe again.


Ellen - Franklin

Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!
We must bring them back
Their synchronization incredible Superb choreography
The applause was the reaction to this
fabulous performance


Kelsey - Northville

The performance was magnificent! I had never seen this ballet before and was completely surprised at how moving it was. The choreography was impeccable and the dancers highly skilled. My husband and I will look forward to seeing a repeat performance in the future! Bravo Michigan Opera Theatre!


terry - Ferndale

Technique was superb. I love a ballet company doing modern pieces, it inspires me. I also love classical music, when used in modern pieces, it is really engaging. This troupe is really good.

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