Reviews: Hansel & Gretel - Michigan Opera Theatre

Reviews: Hansel & Gretel

Christina - Detroit

Awesome!!! I enjoyed the performance from the beginning to end. I was extremely impressed with the puppeteers and how they coordinated the scenery changes. The singing was outstanding from the children to the adults. I look forward to more performances at MOT.


Ann - Ferndale

Charming and delightful. Most enjoyable. Highly recommend for all ages.


Keith Otis Edwards - Dearborn

Hansel & Gretel is the finest staging the MOT has done since Peter Grimes in the last century. See it, and you will remember it for the rest of your life.


Rosemary - Harper Woods

Superb! Hansel and Gretel looked like children with their larger than life parents and their childish stances/dances/ and play. The puppet angels should be in everyone's dreams.


Lorraine - Rochester Hills

TREMENDOUS - ALL SHOULD EXPERIENCE. It is NOT just a children's production, but a stupendous display of staging and strong, rich beautiful music. A MUST TO BE SEEN BY ALL. For a lover of the Opera. If you miss this Detroit production, you have missed adding another dimension to your opera-going experience. So sad 🙁

Go online and look for some live video showing and explaining the production. The witch, mother & father are not just puppets on strings. They are actual huge figures inhabited by live opera singers. The witch is 15 feet tall and is inhabited by a male opera singer that is moving, turning and performing all human gestures while singing. The audience is in awe of the character and the performance. The parents are double human height which gives Hansel & Gretel true size that of children. They gained help and knowledge from the jim henson co. Undoubtedly this has not been seen by you. This production has been produced in only 2 other cities. They were go to the talk before the performance - learn - understand - very enlightening!!! 🙂


Nancy - Toledo

This was my 1st opera, Hansel and Gretel and I must say I was very impressed? It was an amazing production and the performers did a fantastic job! Simply awesome!!


Maryh - Metamora

Fabulous! Such a creative endeavor. The puppets were wonderful, the sets were outstanding (especially the spooky forest) and the witch was hilarious! A wonderful production!


CorinneO - Bingham Farms

Beautiful and so enjoyable and this comes from someone who normally doesn't like the addition of puppets to a show. I loved the witch and couldn't take my eyes off o her. I loved the depiction of the forest--it really was scary. I would go again if I had the time. Thank you to MOT again for bringing us the best--keep up the good work.


Susan - West Bloomfield

The artistry of the staging and the incredible puppets were worth the price of admission alone. That combined with the outstanding performances of singers and orchestra made this an MOT highlight.

I would love to have a DVD of this production!


Anastasia - Novi

Great performance! My 15 and 16 year old boys went with me and loved the puppetry. The music was amazing. The singing and acting were great! I highly recommend.


Tom S. - Roseville

A great experience. Music was excellent, the puppets were wonderful. This opera production was filled with whimsy and fun! This is the opera production to see for anyone who wants to know opera better.


Nancy - Shelby Twp

It was amazing, one of the best I have seen


Dan - Rochester Hills

A lot of fun. Opera consists of a lot of different art forms but I never thought modern puppetry could play such a key role like it does in this version of Hansel and Gretel. This is a unique, original presentation that has a lot of heart.


Ginny G - Bloomfield Hills

That is as just amazing! The singing was spot on and the grand size puppets were mesmerizing! All the puppets were beautiful.Very innovative . Congratulations to MOT for being on the cutting edge.


Daniel - Sterling Heights

This performance was spectacular! The scenes were amazing, beautiful! Highly recommend this as a must see production!


Opera Lover - Berkley

Fantastic. The opera itself is good and the singers were terrific. But it was the puppets, sets and staging that made this performance magical and better than any opera or play I've seen. Thank you MOT for being creative and trying something new.


Nancy R - West Bloomfield

I took my 16 year old granddaughter and we both thoroughly enjoyed Hansel and Gretel! The voices were great, the orchestra was amazing and the puppets were out of this world!! Everyone should buy tickets and see this production before it's over.


Bret & Susanna Williams - Grosse Pointe Park

My wife and I just loved it! The extra large furniture along with the tall human puppets provided a great illusion of Hansel & Gretel (Adult performers) as little children.
Additionally, the flying birds and moving trees made it look like they were venturing deeper and deeper into the forest.

The sand man and 14 angels were very special. It was a fantastic non-traditional German opera and we recommend it to anyone.


Walled Lake - Walled Lake

I was pleasantly surprised, not knowing what to expect. It was magical, beautiful, and thoroughly captivating. The music was melodic and lovely and the voices were outstanding. The sets and the puppets were amazing and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. All in all it made for a fabulous evening and one I’m glad I didn’t miss.


Harriet S - Detroit

Superb! Stupendous! Special! Supremely Satisfying! Tell everyone you know who likes opera, musicals and/or puppetry to see this unusual and wonderful performance. And tell people who might like opera, musicals and/or puppetry to try out this production because they will be amazed and delighted at the wonderful performance of Hansel and Gretel at MOT. It's worth a moment or two to look at the MOT/H&G website where you can learn how the 15' witch and the seemingly real cat work. The excellent staging surrounds the excellent singers with visual imagery that expands your experience. Do not miss this production Cancel something else you were going to if necessary - because you will not have this opportunity again in the near (or maybe even the far(future.) Thank you MOT, and thank you cooperating opera companies for joining together. so that we could experience and enjoy this performance.

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