Reviews: Don Giovanni - Michigan Opera Theatre

Reviews: Don Giovanni


John T - Sarnia

Excellent performance and stagecraft. M.Burns (Leporello) was great. (I found surprising that Figaro's farewell appeared in this opera)


SSE - Ann Arbor

It was wonderful. I was especially impressed by the imaginative and fast scene changes, which allowed this big and uniformly great opera to be presented in its entirety in a reasonable amount of time. Two long acts, and both excellently presented. The cast did a great job, both singing and acting.


NYC Girl - Rochester Hills

Seen this twice at the MET, but this time it was different and awakening! With special emphasis on "groping women and corruption", we see this every day coming from our President! Bravo! to the arts and performance world and great cast of Don Giovanni, for shedding more light on this subject!


Bill Betz - Clinton Twp

Great performance, especially the sets.



Truly spectacular.
Not only were the musical performances breathtaking, but the staging and acting brought the music to life in a new way for me (even having seen this Opera several times).


Armando - Plymouth

Last night's performance of Don Giovanni was outstanding.
Every voice was excellent, beautiful and a delight to hear. Truly an enjoyable performance


James - Pontiac

This was my first time seeing an opera and I loved it! It was funny, engaging, a storyline that kept me interested and the 3.5 hour performance did not feel nearly that long! The music and singing was beautiful and I enjoyed the set and costuming. Leporello was very funny. I will be back to see another opera.


Dan - Rochester Hills

Don Giovanni is a great opera and the MOT presentation makes for a wonderful evening. The vocalists were exquisite, the sets were complementary to the sense of the opera, and the orchestra was excellent as always. This work is a savage satire of how the so-called upper classes exploit their power and position to abuse women in particular and common people in general. In this opera the bad guy gets his comeuppance, unlike nowadays when they pretty much get away with it. This is a fairly straight-forward morality play that has a lot of layers of psychic drama. What makes it really excellent is the extraordinary arias, duets, trios and ensemble pieces that Mozart crafted for this work and that are so beautifully and forcefully rendered by the MOT artists. Go see this one. You will not be disappointed. And also, opera fans, please note that Joyce DiDonato will be at the Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor on Wednesday, November 20, performing Mozart works. She is the best in the world, and we are lucky that she periodically stops in this area.


Beth Ann - Royal Oak

The women’s voices were fantastic. Nicole Cabell continues to be stunning. It’s a shame she was saddled with a plastic doll as a prop. I think they were going for “edgy” with the staging, yet it came off as a Madonna video from the 90s, with roughly the same amount of crotch-grabbing. We sit in Row J yet couldn’t hear Don Giovanni over the orchestra for most of Act 1. It’s a shame that the stage direction was so disappointing—not at all up to MOT standards given recent stunners like Grapes of Wrath—and distracting from solid performances.


Rod Little - Ann Arbor

Donna Anna was really lovely -- great voice, stylish singing. Donna Alvira was frankly a bit disappointing-- her blockbuster aria in act II was a let-down. Giovanni was excellent and Leporello was pretty good, though not always in sync with the orchestra.
The ensemble between the singers and orchestra was sub-par, and it sometimes felt a bit rushed to me -- I know the current taste is for fast speeds, but there are limits...
Putting the statue at the back of the stage has the downside that he is not all that loud, and the descent to hell was not very compelling. But overall I enjoyed it -- Mozart's genius shines in his late operas.


RAW - Lansing

Overall our party enjoyed the opera. Singing was excellent especially Donna Anna. Have always enjoyed Donna Elvira when she has been to the Opera House before but ditch the doll/baby - very distracting. Masetto did a lovely job - kudos. I still don't understand the wigs coming off- if symbolic I didn't get the memo. I prefer to remember Don G in his full regalia and wig - totally seductive. I am a fan of capes - well done. One of all operas dramatic moments is the descent of the Don into hell - I have seen many interpretations and unfortunately this production missed it. Still I would go back and see this again and look forward to my next Don Giovanni.


Bill V. - Detroit

Great performance. Excellent staging. Enjoyable.


Paul V - St Clair Shores

The performance was well presented and the music/singing excellent however the set was quite odd and detracted from the performance. The dark black and white set with the use of gels was an interesting effect, but little to no color in any of the other aspects of the set in the first act was opposite of the intended effect, it was indeed distracting and irritating. The lack of color is understandable in light of the intensive use of scrims, but may not have been the best choice overall.
Don Giovanni was perfectly cast with an outstanding performance. Donna Elvira and Donna Ann were also appropriate to and excellent in the roles. Leoprello was also outstanding. The remaining cast was appropriate for the most part. The shirtless demons were a tad odd in both costume and choice of no shirts!~ Costuming was a tad odd and eclectic given the different garb from many differing cultures/ethnicities was distracting. Seville being the most interpreted setting for the opera would have had substantially different costumes than used here.

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