Reviews: Alvin Ailey - Michigan Opera Theatre

Reviews: Alvin Ailey

Shirley - Southfield

The Alvin Ailey 2019 Detroit performance was wonderful. I have been attending their shows since 1980. Lazarus is a master piece, it's very different from what I'm used to seeing the company perform here in Detroit, but I loved it. I felt the spirit of the dance that took me on a journey thru time. That entire experience reminded me of the poetry by author Maya Angelou, Still I Rise. Bravo Mr. Rennie Harris and Ailey Company!


Melissa - Dearborn

The Alvin Ailey Company has always been my favorite and this performance was AMAZING as always!!! And meeting company members at the afterglow was great because they were very nice & humble ♥ The energy of the dancers & their performance was priceless!!!


Sharisa - Detroit

My daughter (who is an aspiring dancer) and I both loved the performance. The dancers and performances were amazing and soulful. We had such a great time.


Erma - Detroit

Absolutely wonderful. I am a huge fan but haven't seen an Alvin Ailey performance in quite a few years. I am never disappointed. I saw Shelter and Juba which were new and though they were shorter performances, they were phenomenal never the less.


Paul Kulling - Livonia

We love Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater! We have been attending their shows for many many years, and look forward to more in the future!!


Notsohappy - Detroit

I was expecting something more feminine ... it was a poor blackout man in a white mans world .. like slavery .. very depressing was expecting more we are here we are kings queens type vibes not stuck in a plantation or in strife . not enough flying and pretty stuff . I wanted something beautiful fit me this was depressing. I felt like they were breakdancing . I was disappointed . I’ve been before in California it was outstanding like 10 yrs ago .


Char - Taylor

I went to the show on Sunday 03/17/2018 and was totally let down for this to be a 60th anniversary. I noticed that the performance did not have the same kind of pizazz that I am use to seeing ...would have loved to see past performer thus making the 60 anniversary very special. There was strong diversity represented so I did not get the same feeling as I had with past performances .....


Al - Belleville

BIG LET DOWN for the 60th Anniversary!!
Wasted time and money.😑 The dancing was mediocre and really multicultural. I could barely recognize any of the historical selections mainly lead by diversed dancers. Most of the lead dancers appeared as amateurs. Very disappointed!!!!
Never again!!!!


Marilyn - Eastpointe

It has been many years since I've had the opportunity to see the Company perform, think Judith Jamieson! However, I was so looking forward to their performance and was not in the least disappointed. So beautiful, meaningful, moving, and energetic. The dancing was perfection. I wish them well and God's blessings as they move into the future.


Travics - Detroit

The performance was the best, the "Larzus" performance was "awesome" at the ending when they called out Mr. Ailey, just took me over the top.


Lona - Southfield

Every minute of the performance was breathtaking, brilliant, wonderful and outstanding. Bravo to the choreographers, dancers (especially Ms. Harris) and everyone else involved in the spectacular performance.


Seating Arrangements - Pontiac

The dancers were awesome. However, you sold my seat to me and another guest. This should have been caught when printing the tickets and mailing them out. This was my first time attending a show here and my experience with the seating arrangement was horrible and very unprofessional. I only stayed to support the young dancers, otherwise I would have requested a full refund and left. None the less, the dancers did a wonderful job and the venue is beautiful on the inside


Rita - Lenox Township

The performance was amazing. We loved every minute of it!


Dawna Rodgwea - West Bloomfield

Totally mesmerizing! I was spellbound, and so thrilled to witness the debut of LAZARUS. Alvin Ailey is by far my favorite company, and I try to never miss a performance. They never disappoint.


Sarah - Detroit

It was good but I didn't know Sunday's show would be different from Friday/Saturday. I still enjoyed it, although some of the dancers weren't as strong. I will continue to support Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. I saw the show years ago and I was in awe!


Uma - Toledo

The performance was excellent.. in message and talent. Definiltey a class act. Loved it . Will be back for more


Carlson - Detroit

I thought the performance of Larzus was timely, powerful, and an excellent piece as it relates to social justice....AWESOME!


L. Glenn O'Kray - Dearborn

The performance was wonderful! High energy! We had a great time!


Renee - Detroit

Awesome!! beautiful and soulful storyline. awesome performance.


Lesley Esters Redwine - Detroit

I thought the performance was outstanding! Every year I am eagerly awaiting Alvin Ailey’s visit to Detroit and this year was an absolute treat! Lazarus was so moving and Revelations is always a must-see! I had great seats and the performance was phenomenal. I’m thrilled Alvin Ailey prioritizes Detroit as a city on their national and international tour!


Sierra - Chicago

The performance was wonderful. We from Chicago just to see Alvin and Ailey Dance.


Sebastian Carrington - Detroit

2019 performance was ground-breaking. I felt the dancer spirit throughout the Opera House. Best far my favorite year of seeing Ailey artists.


Ruth Favro - Oakland Twp

Saw the Friday night 3/15 performance. It was powerful and thought-provoking! The contrasts and yet the connections between Lazarus I and II and Revelations were interesting, and the dancers were superb. My daughter-in-law, who had never seen this company, thoroughly enjoyed it.


Jacquelyn - Northville

Once again...a memorable performance. I particularly enjoyed the second half of the show when spiritual music accompanied the artistry of the dancers.
I took my daughter there to celebrate her birthday. She enjoyed the performance as well.
We also attended the "dancer talk" before the performance and found the information very interesting and inspiring.


T. Nelson - Detroit

Beautiful and Wonderful!!!!



This was my first time seeing a live performance of the Alvin Ailey Dancy Troupe and I was awestruck. We purchased last minute tickets partial view tickets. However the view was still amazing. The performers are truly gifted. I loved all the choreography. I had goosebumps.


Floyd from Toledo - Toledo

It was a wonderful show. I truly enjoyed myself. I would recommend this show to anyone.


Breia - Detroit

I thought the performance was fabulous...truly breathtaking at times and thought provoking. I took my daughter who is a dancer for her birthday so she can see herself represented on the stage. We will be back when they return!


Chris - Troy

Sunday performances were OUTSTANDING! I loved Shelter, with such topical issues as homelessness, poverty, inequality and the environment, was beautifully choreographed and brought tears to many eyes. And, as always, Revelations was superb! Thank you Ailey dancers!


Joanie Abraham - Franklin

Alvin Ailey never disappoints in delivering fresh and original choreography every year. Not only is the performance magnificent and powerful in its precision, movements and energy, but I am consistently dazzled by the originality of the choreography. As a dance aficionado I am most intrigued and in awe of dance moves like I have never seen before. Alvin Ailey ALWAYS inspires me as a creative and as a human. BRAVO.


Gail Hatch - Detroit

Very beautiful, powerful and moving. My family and I all say OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

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Reviews: Alvin Ailey

I thought the performance was outstanding! Every year I am eagerly awaiting Alvin Ailey’s visit to Detroit and this year was an absolute treat!

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