Reviews: Alessandra Ferri - Michigan Opera Theatre

Reviews: Alessandra Ferri

Jennifer Adair - Clarkston

This was an amazing performance! Alessandra and all of the other dancers were absolutely stunning! Pleasant mix of traditional Ballet Variations and Contemporary Ballet, it was a joy to watch.


Dan - Rochester Hills

Modern and classic dance are both exciting and vibrant art forms. The flow and movement of the human form can be enticing, sometimes mysterious, sometimes entirely novel and always expressive. We are lucky that MOT continues to bring such accomplished professional artists to Detroit. The enthusiasm of the audience during these artful performances was palpable. Cannot wait for Alvin Ailey.


Marie - Ann Arbor

An excellent evening of dance. All pieces and performers were outstanding. The highlights for me were Misa Kuranaga’s Black Swan and Alessandra Ferri in After the Rain. Unforgettable!


Barbara Valentic - Grosse Pointe

It was incredible.


Chuck Keys - West Bloomfield

I can't remember ever enjoying an evening like last Saturday. The ballet with the dancing, symphony, set and hall ambiance was overwhelming. Every act was superb. I can still feel the heat and pulse of the entire event. With the flavor of the added erotic sensuality ... WOW! I love music and ballet but this event exceeded my expectations over and over again.


Wendy - West Bloomfield

I was disappointed in Alessandra Ferri. I expected to see her on her toes, expected to see some pirouettes. She did all modern, choreography was repititious. A lot of lifts. At her age we didn’t expect her to jump but felt she did not live up to expectations and her capabilities. Other dancers solid. We are a group of dancers and know the difference.


Jill - Maumee

Stunning!!! I felt extremely privileged to see Alessandra Ferri dance in person. Thanks for this amazing opportunity!!



First of all I would have never went to the opera house had I known you can't bring drinks in the theater. Next, the main dancers were only on stage for maybe 10 minutes. I didn't come there to see the other dancer's. I left early and will never return to the opera house again. What a waste of money and Saturday night. Do not recommend.


Kevin - St Clair Shores

This was a stunning event. We in metro Detroit are hungry for such world class dance and choreography. The performers were amazing and everything about the evening was outstanding and memorable. Thank you, thank you for supporting dance.


Susan Drucker - Southfield

Incredible! We were mesmerized!


Steve - Madison Heights

This was an awesome performance. All the dancers were excellent and both my wife and I really enjoyed the program.


Nicole - Royal Oak

I feel so lucky to have experienced the beauty and passion embodied by Alessandra Ferri. Her skill in dance was beyond pirouettes. At times she truly looked like she was floating.


David - Dearborn

Absolutely brilliant. Magical, emotional, a metaphor for life in movement. When is Alessandra Ferri and company coming back to Michigan?


Sue - Livonia

I didn’t want to blink because I didn’t want to miss anything! The live music is such a treat. We are so fortunate to have such great talent in our city.


Angela - Grosse Pointe Park

Just stunning. This was a performance for the dance aficionado. So rare to see such top flight talent from across the world and so many companies gathered together for one evening, on one stage. They get this in NYC all the time, but it was a treat for us. The caliber of performance was truly superb and each dancer had immense presence. The repertoire was thoughtfully constructed and paced. The lighting, the live orchestra, the soprano singing Wagner- an absolute treat start to finish. Alessandra, Marco and each dancer involved with this project should feel wonderfully about what they built with this performance. The enthusiasm in the audience was palpable. My theater maven friend, 10 year old daughter and I were all equally in awe and pleased with the entire thing, start to finish. Well done.


Diana - Birmingham

Surpassed my expectations! Really enjoyed Misa’s and Marcelo’s solos. Alessandra was a revelation. Gorgeous!


anne smith - Dearborn

Excellent! Wonderful variety, special music and beautiful dance skills.
The audience was exceptionally enthusiastic too.


Jennifer - Plymouth

Incredible. Honestly the best I’ve ever seen.

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Reviews: Alessandra Ferri

Sue – Livonia: “The live music is such a treat. We are so fortunate to have such great talent in our city.”

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