Patrons Review Eugene Onegin - Michigan Opera Theatre

Patrons Review Eugene Onegin

Shirley - Troy

Bravo, MOT! What a great tribute to Dr. D! This was one of the best operas I have seen at MOT. All the performers were top notch. Corinne was such a pleasure to hear; such a sweet, pure voice. And the gentleman who played Lensky was fabulous. I would like to come back to see it again.


Bob Giles - Huntington Woods

Gave up watching Justin Verlander to see the Michigan Opera Theater production of Eugene Onegin. I gotta tell ya it blew me away. If you live in or near Detroit you have got to see this. The staging, story, music and cast is absolutely astounding. Remember, Louise volunteers at MOT and sees a lot of opera. She collects opera houses (and we have visited quite a few in the world.) I collect baseball parks and need to see more. After tonight, this may be my favorite opera. Music by Tchaikovsky bases on a time novel by Alexander Pushkin. I want some borscht.


Bret & Susanna - Grosse Pointe Park

What a fantastic choice for the opening night! We totally enjoyed Eugene Ogenin. The performance, the scenography, and of course the music were exceptional.


Keith Otis Edwards - Dearborn

Despite that I yet have the T-shirt, I can’t say that I clearly remember MOT’s previous production of Eugene One Gin, because the entire thing was done behind a scrim.
This one is far superior in every way: better singing, better acting and better staging.
It’s really something to see. If you do not persuade all your friends and all your neighbors to attend a performance, you are not a good citizen.


Martha Kreucher - Martha Kreucher

My high school daughter and I absolutely loved The Michigan Opera Theatre’s prodction of Eugene Onegin. We were mesmerized from the the first scene. This performance was a true showcase of talent. The cast, the scenery, the music – all riveting. BRAVO!!


Mya Maola - Detroit

I found opening night of Eugene Onegin to be a very strong production. I thought the soprano singing Tatyana drew the audience into her struggles and gave them a character to get behind. The role of Onegin was equally sung with passion and strength, helping the audience see his plight and his tragic mistakes. I was really liked the element of having the elder versions of Tatyana and Onegin watching the action onstage; as if they are looking back on their lives wondering how things happened the way they did. The sets were simple but elegant, showing a ballroom or garden without much decoration required. The chorus was also excellent, both in vocal and acting ability. Overall, opening night of Eugene Onegin was very well done.


Paul W - Grosse Pointe

In one word: wonderful!
Act 1 is short on dramatic action, but is of course necessary as a set up for the powerful acts 2 and 3. All principal singers, Winters, McCorkle, and Samoilov were exceptional. Maestro Lord and the orchestra were on fire. The music felt absolutely electric. I was not familiar with Onegin before seeing this, and was wondering if I would like it. Now, I am wondering why this isn't an MOT staple. Staging was somewhat minimalist, but that's OK because the music carries the evening, as it should.
Note to MOT: please sign these principal singers again. They have excellent vocal power and can act.


Bill Betz - Clinton Twp

The first act almost put me to sleep but wow the second and third acts really brought me back. Superb music, and oh, the chorus was magnificent. Great singing and acting in all of the parts. A bit long though, 3 hours is really long.