Michigan Opera Theatre Donates Masks to Healthcare Workers - Michigan Opera Theatre

Michigan Opera Theatre Donates Masks to Healthcare Workers

Stitchers from Michigan Opera Theatre’s Costume Department are giving back to the community by sewing protective masks for healthcare workers. They began making the masks the second week of April and, to date, have sewed more than 600 masks, which have been donated to hospitals, nursing homes, VA hospitals and places of need.

The five-sewer team includes Maureen Abele, Margaret Bronder, Emily Christenson, Susan Fox, and Mary Ellen Shuffett directed by MOT Costume Director Suzanne Hanna (pictured above). Suzanne researched and organized the project with an assist from her husband, Terry Hanna, who works at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, in response to the national shortage of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 crisis.

The ladies began the project donating their own time and supplies, before Michigan Opera Theatre added its support to employ the women during this initiative. St. Joseph’s is now also providing hospital-grade Blue AutoClave Wrap fabric for the masks.

The team plans to continue to create the masks as long as there is need. We thank our Costume Department for the incredible work they’re doing!

For those interested in sewing masks as well, check out this tutorial below!

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