Eight Fun Facts About Too Hot to Handel - Michigan Opera Theatre

Eight Fun Facts About Too Hot to Handel

Too Hot to Handel has been a Detroit Opera House tradition for 18 seasons. Every year hundreds of people join for a unique experience, getting into the Christmas spirit through an uplifting, joyous jazz/gospel version of Handel’s Messiah. Here are eight fun facts about Too Hot to Handel.

  1. Too Hot to Handel made it’s Detroit premiere at Little Rock Baptist Church in March 2002 and moved to the Detroit Opera House that December.
  2. The performance includes a total of 41 instrumentalists, 85 chorus singers, 3 soloists, 1 conductor all on stage at the same time.
  3. Suzanne Acton, Rod Dixon and the "Too Hot Trio" of Alvin Waddles, Dave Taylor and Marion Hayden, have performed Too Hot To Handel together nearly 75 times between performances here in Detroit and in Chicago.
  4. Alvin Waddles' piano playing is so hot, the piano has to be re-tuned after every performance and rehearsal.
  5. Alvin Waddles often has no idea what his solo improvisation will consist of until the moment the spotlight is on him.
  6. Each year, thousands of school children experience Too Hot to Handel during open student dress rehearsals.
  7. Too Hot to Handel also performs annually in Chicago during Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend.
  8. Too Hot to Handel made its Memphis debut at the Orpheum Theatre in April 2018.

See Too Hot to Handel live at the Detroit Opera House Saturday, Dec. 14 at the Detroit Opera House. Tickets available at https://michiganopera.org/season-schedule/too-hot-to-handel/.