Detroit Opera House Gets New Seat and Stage Deck! - Michigan Opera Theatre

Detroit Opera House Gets New Seat and Stage Deck!

Thanks to a gift from long-time supporters Floy and Lee Barthel, MOT has acquired a new 9,100-square foot seat and stage deck! The deck was previously rented for special events, including BravoBravo!, and will now be a more common fixture in the Detroit Opera House. It creates a floor that covers the theater’s main-level seating and/or stage, providing customizable options to accommodate a variety of performances and events during this time of social distancing.

The Stage Deck consists of more than 1,700 individual components, including specialty-built shapes, designed to have minimal impact on the seating and architecture of the Opera House. The deck requires three semi-trailers to transport, eight to 10 hours to load in and 18 stagehands to assemble.  

Check out the set-up time-lapse video below!

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