Common Ground Reviews



March 2017


Joyce Stearnes Thompson –  Auburn Hills

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire program. The integration of various dance styles was exquisite and beautiful, and I was amazed at the stamina exhibited by the dancers throughout their performances. In addition the choreography was amazing.
My husband and I purchased the dance series and look forward to coming back next year.


Stanley Waldon – Detroit

Perfect timing
Disciplined and skilled dancing


 Mary Gresens – Birmingham

I looked forward to this event with great anticipation. My daughter from Denver joined me.  The first act with the Street Side ballet was edgy and artful. The Eisenhower performance  during the second half of the first act was more than disappointing, being robotic and clumsy in nature.  However, the worst disappointment was the second act danced to a rendition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. While there were glimpses of brilliant dancing from individual dancers, their marvelous efforts were hidden and eclipsed by the choreography of the scenes and robotic and mechanical movements which they were evidently required to perform.  Very disappointing and over-priced for what was delivered.


Jill Banaszynski – Lakeville

Great performances!  Thoroughly enjoyed them all.  Dancers were strong, lithe and energetic.  Choreography was wonderful.  Lighting for each dance was amazing.