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How to Avoid Scalper Tickets

We know the feeling. You learn about a particular performance and can’t wait to purchase a ticket to get the best seats. You do a quick Google search and boom – numerous websites show up, more than happy to assist you on your quest.

Unfortunately, many of these ticket-sellers are third party brokers, also known as scalpers, seeking to make a profit from your ticket purchase with additional costs added to the original ticket price. While ticket scalping is technically illegal in Michigan, many of these brokers continue to find ways to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. What’s worse, some of these brokers sell fake tickets, which leads to disappointed patrons who are denied entry to a performance after discovering their tickets are invalid.

Michigan Opera Theatre is committed to providing an incredible experience for all of our opera and dance patrons, and that includes purchasing performance tickets at a fair value. Below, we offer guidelines on how to ensure that your tickets are both fair and valid:

Where can I buy tickets to Michigan Opera Theatre performances?

The best places to purchase tickets to our performances are our website,, by phone at (313) 237-7464 or in person at the Detroit Opera House ticket office at 1526 Broadway St., Detroit. Tickets are also available on to select Michigan Opera Theatre performances. For MOT performances on Ticketmaster, be sure to choose a seat that’s blue and NOT pink (see the figure below). Pink seats are resale tickets that may be priced significantly higher, and like all Ticketmaster purchases, are subject to more fees that are not found when purchasing through For Broadway in Detroit performances this information may vary, please visit for more information on their ticketing policies.

Ticketmaster blue vs pick seat example

How can I spot a broker site?

          • With the exception of TicketMaster, ticket websites that end in “.com” are broker sites. We are a non-profit organization whose website ends in “.org.”
          • When searching Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. for tickets, any link that is an AD is most likely a broker. See below (Figure 1) for some examples of which broker sites that should be ignored.
          • Cross-check your seats with our seating map found here to see the value of the tickets compared to its location.
          • Check the price. Our highest priced performance ticket is $180 for a box seat. When in doubt, make sure you are on and are not overpaying. These sites will also not give specific seat locations (Figure 2) as they realistically have not purchased the tickets yet.
Ad Site Example 1
Figure 1, note the green AD next to the URL
Broker site example 1
Figure 2, does not show specific seat, just a range of rows and a high price

What is Michigan Opera Theatre’s policy on broker tickets?

Michigan Opera Theatre reserves the right to deny entrance to any tickets sold through a broker. In the event of a duplicate sale (due to a broker selling the same tickets through multiple websites) the seats will go to the person(s) whose name is on the account that originally purchased the tickets. Michigan Opera Theatre is not responsible for tickets purchased through third-party broker sites.

What are common broker sites to stay away from?

Below is a list of known broker sites to avoid. Please note: this is NOT a complete list of broker sites:


When in doubt, stick with or talk with us in person or via phone at (313) 237-7464.