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Reviews: Sweeney Todd

More about this production. Margaret Winters – Grosse Pointe It was a great production – strong singing and fine acting. As someone who loves both opera and musical theatre, I am hard pressed to categorize “Sweeney Todd” – I saw it on Broadway when it was first performed and have seen it elsewhere as well. …

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Opera v. Musical Theater: The Case for Sweeney Todd

One way to make opera-lovers cringe is to tell them that The Phantom of the Opera is their favorite opera. The show features a classical singing style, a dramatic plot and even has “opera” in its name. But Andrew Lloyd Weber’s long-running favorite is, in fact, considered a musical. Sweeney Todd is also considered a …

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Reviews: Don Giovanni

More about this production.   John T – Sarnia Excellent performance and stagecraft. M.Burns (Leporello) was great. (I found surprising that Figaro’s farewell appeared in this opera)   SSE – Ann Arbor It was wonderful. I was especially impressed by the imaginative and fast scene changes, which allowed this big and uniformly great opera to be …

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Michigan Opera Theatre Adds “Buoso’s Ghost” to 2019-20 Opera Season

We’ve added a show! Michigan Opera Theatre is excited to announce that we’ve added Michael Ching’s Buoso’s Ghost to our 2019-20 season! The opera is a sequel (“Schiquel”) to Giacomo Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi and will be performed with the latter Feb. 29 – March 1 at the Macomb Center. Both works are one-act comedies and …

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Encore: ” ‘Grapes of Wrath’ is powerful and wrenching”

DETROIT, Mich.–Some novels that are 80+ years or so old and get taught in high school English classes can seem tired and even out of date. But what, in fact, makes them worth reading and teaching year in and year out, is their endurance standing up to the truth decade after decade.

Reviews: The Grapes of Wrath

More about this production. Jebl – Huntington Woods Aching with the reality and power of this sorrowful American story. I was positively exhausted and drained with the final notes. I love Opera, was raised on it from childhood beside my Father’s radio. Now, almost 80, I am amazed by the innovative magic of an old story …

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‘Hansel and Gretel’ is “mesmerizing” at MOT

Adults in the opening-night audience gasped, laughed and applauded as this magnificent creation vamped across the stage and even managed a burlesque-type shimmy as she cast one of her horrible spells.