The Marriage of Figaro reviews

November 2017

The Marriage of Figaro

Gail – St. Clair Shores

The Opera was awesome. We have seen this show a few times, this was by far the best!


Karen Harris – Sterling Heights

The Marriage of Figaro was nothing short of an amazing and enjoyable experience this evening. The cast of characters had incredible voices with clarity and emotion which was portrayed through voice as well as body language which was also excellent in style and performance. The quality of the orchestra was superb, and the script was engaging and entertaining. Extremely well done.


Dmitriy – Troy

Wonderful performance, one of the best we have seen in MOT ! All singers with no exception were beautiful. The main – all they liked what they were doing ! Separate word about orchestra : it was amazing, gratitude to the conductor Stephen Lord. I guess Mozart would be happy with this performance!


Steve Ragsdale – Ann Arbor

It was well acted and beautifully choreographed. The voices were strong all around, especially the leads – the count, countess, Figaro and his bride!


Daniel and Susan Drucker – Southfield

We were disappointed in this evening’s performance. The sets seemed cheesy and the performance dragged. It was quite long, despite there being only one intermission. We liked the principal singers, but overall found the opera boring. This surprised us, as we normally love Mozart operas, including The Marriage of Figaro. After the brilliant performance of Rigoletto, this one was a let down.


albert tochet – Bloomfield Hills

Incredible performances by all! Great music/musicians. Beautiful staging. This MOT production as good as any I have seen at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.


Michael Livshiz – Ann Arbor

Great performance !!! We liked it a lot.


Sdoncov – Trenton

Great show. Well done.


Jim Hamel – Dearborn

Everything was great. 3 1/2 hrs is to long tho.


Alexandra – Royal Oak

Fun, silly, lighthearted. Very well done. Go see it!


Dr. Shirley Faust – Troy

The Marriage of Figaro was great fun! The music is beautiful and was executed exquisitely. It was especially pleasing to see our own Angela Theis on stage. Bravo, MOT! You did it again!


Eleanor – Harrison Twp.

Marvelous!!!! Don’t miss it!


Peg – Redford

The Marriage of Figaro was wonderful. It would be nice to ask people to not wear perfumes/colognes however. I could not breath as the lady in front of me had so much perfume on it was getting me sick. Fortunately an aisle seat was open that I could move to.


Michael Taillard – Beulah

A joy to experience.


Ashleigh Whelan – Cleveland

An excellent show with beautiful voices. We particularly liked Aubrey Allicock as Figaro.


Asteri831 – Windsor

Just superb
Costumes; performance; everything
Loved it


Tom Misuraca – Grosse Pointe Woods

An excellent production in all respects. The imbroglio at the end of Scene 2 was the best. It was hard to stop laughing so hard and enjoy the music and the voices! Thank you!


Monica Burke – Monica Burke

The singing was amazing. I was so caught up in the beauty of their voices that sometimes I forgot to read the sub titles. It was humorous and entertaining. The orchestra was excellent.
Talented entertainers!


Dina Winter – Detroit

This is an outstanding performance of a great and very accessible opera. The singers are excellent, the music superb, the acting convincing. The story is complex but the humor unmistakeable. In spite of the risque’ nature of the plot, it can be seen by all ages (no younger than 12, if possible). Written as a merciless commentary on the life of aristocracy in the time of Mozart, there are themes which resonate with today’s world. You’ll not get a better production easily anywhere in the world. Should not be missed. A delightful production with a sublime finale.


Jerome – Wixom

It was an amazing show. Go see it, you will not be disappointed.


Lewis Wagner – West Bloomfield

Fantastic. I had a smile on my face all night long. I felt like I was melting away at times. The costumes were terrific and fit the era. While I appreciated the fact that we only had one intermission, that seemed to have limited the set design which I thought could have been improved. In my opinion, another intermission or two, would have been worth better staging. There are always pros and cons to everything. A wonderful performance. Looking forward to more. Thanks to Wayne Brown and all the people who worked together to make the opera so successful.


Amanda – Livonia

Beautiful. My daughter and I loved this opera. The cast was superb! I loved the actors who played Cherubino and Antonio. I do agree with another poster about the perfume, I was coughing and gagging. I ended up with a headache from the perfume by the end of the night.


Zany – Birmingham

What a wonderful, FUN evening. We really enjoyed the night out because of the performance. The cast, & the voices and they were having Fun as well.
Great Time


Kkm – Livonia

The singing was excellent,great voices.. However, I personally didn’t care for this opera and was disappointed. Couldn’t wait for intermission so I could leave.


Dan – Rochester Hills

The Marriage of Figaro by the great Mozart still works after 200+ years. This opera has great arias and a large number of exquisite ensemble pieces that create a lot of interest. It also helps to have such great talent that the MOT identified for this production. The Marriage of Figaro is also intriguing from an historical perspective – this work is Age of Enlightenment meets great art. This work skewers the vengeful, philandering, buffoonish, hypocritical upper-class hereditary nobility. And you get the feeling that Mozart and his librettist probably had to dodge the censors of the late 1700’s to pull this off. (My guess is that satirizing the so-called noble classes was not real easy to pull off at that time). At any rate, this work possesses layers and layers of musical and literary subtlety, humor, and messaging. Experiencing it never gets old. Great work MOT!


Vera Magee – Detroit

Very long but not boring because it was so enjoyable. I could sit through it again. Bravo to the cast and kudos to the orchestra.


Brian Murphy – Rochester Hills

Wonderful production–classic 18th century!


Carl – Saline

Well Done!! The voices across the board were outstanding. The sets while minimal, had wonderful visual appeal. Well worth attending!


CorinneO – Bingham Farms

Figaro was absolutely beautiful in every way–the singing, the music, the sets and costumes. All of the voices were so fabulous and the orchestra sounded so wonderful. Congratulations to MOT for another great production.


John Dreifuus – Farmington Hills

Wonderful singers and performance. Easily the best I have seen. The last act staging could be improved a bit. Outstanding performance at all other levels.


Ed Dagnes – Ann Arbor

First of all, The Marriage of Figaro is a cornerstone of opera, and the richness and emotional depth of Mozart’s music brings heavenly beauty to our distracted lives.

The MOT’s November 15 performance was indeed a “Marriage”: Vocal richness wed to fleshed-out character. Thank you, in particular, Stephen Powell for a brooding, world-weary, richly-voiced Count; and to Nicole Cabell for regal dignity and an exquisite voicing of the Countess. So happy with Stephen Lord’s conducting, and rest of principals and cast.



Tom Taylor – Ann Arbor

Singers & orch were excellent. Staging a bit wooden and formulaic in first half. Good job with acts 3&4 tho, which are difficult. Loved letter duet, sextet & count & countess’s arias as well as suzanna’s ari with luscious woodwind traceries. Figaro’s final aria should be cut. It wasn’t in Mozart’s original version & stops the flow of the drama. Besides that, it’s not in keeping with Figaro’s character at that point.


Tom – Roseville

Loved how this production was more comical and therefore more in line with its prequel The Barber of Seville. Sets were great and all the singing and acting were superb, but in this production the Countess connected more than before.


LorraineM – Rochester Hills

Beautiful – Marvelous _____VOICES!!! Congratulations — So sorry that more people don’t appreciate attending GREAT operas that we are fortunate to have here in the Detroit area. Detroit is growing and so hope that more will discover the MOT. Kudos to you all – thank you!!! 🙂


Friederike – Farmington Hills

Wonderful experience, as always.


Helen – Farmington Hills

Great voices and acting!!!!


Tickets, info


Barbara Shapiro – Southfield

Loved it! The comedy was right on cue.., a French Farce. Doors opening and closely so smoothly….and characters streaming in and out.



I liked the show very much. I had originally planned on swapping my tix so I could see Paulo Szot as Count Almaviva but decided to keep my original date. Good thing since he was replaced. I thought the Sunday matinee Count (Edward Nelson) was marvelous, and his consistently dark presence kept the opera from being completely light. His cold entitlement was very relevant to our current politics and social structure. Score one for the “little people.”


Sandra Stanley – Grosse Pointe Farms

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire production. The voices were wonderful – especially the Countess. I had the privilege of playing Suzanna in my college production, so have a special love for that role and the entire opera. The orchestra was excellent; set and costuming was perfect. We had great seats in row B.


Karen S. – Bloomfield Hills

Wonderful! Voices were strong, acting was powerful, thoroughly enjoyable!!


Elaine – Lathrup Village

My husband and I enjoyed it very much. I generally go to the Dance series but attend an occasional opera. Mozart is always a joy and this one seemed to be very well done. Unfortunately I didn’t see Rigoletto which sounds like it was very good from the prior reviewer. Unfortunately my husband got stuck behind two School buses on Broadway that seem to park there for 20 minutes with no traffic moving and thus he came in very late. It would be nice to have some policemen out there directing traffic when there are other events nearby.
All in all definitely a worthwhile enjoyable evening. Thank you


Tim – Ann Arbor

Must see


Misspat333 – Howell

Wonderful! The Opera House is something not to be missed, the Opera was a feast for the ears, beautiful beyond expectations.


Nicola Rooney – Brighton

Delightfully comic, excellent acting and voices. Pity the orchestra continues to drown the singers at times. We also discovered what may be one of the best kept secrets of the opera House – the Cadillac Cafe. Prompt service, but not rushed, delicious food for all five in our party, and surprisingly modest pricing for the quality delivered. We will return.
As we left I overheard a young patron say “I really liked the dude in the crazy black wig” She was right, Michael Day was clearly enjoying his role, and so were we..


Chuck R – Livonia

We really enjoyed the performance ! The voices were terrific and the comedy really came through, Mozart would have approved I do believe !
The orchestra was great, loved the music. I found the sets to be ingenious.
Only one negative, we came on Saturday night , the 18th. Even with the traffic advisory, we were not prepared for the traffic mess downtown. We missed the overture and the the beginnings of the opening scenes, my favorite. It would have been nice if the curtain could have been held even 5 minutes, people were still streaming in.
Oh and a PS. Loved Rigoletto too. Thought the “update” was terrific. Really worked !


Sarah – Clinton Township

I was disappointed. I’ve seen Marriage three times. It is too long and I fear, too many notes. The orchestra was competing with the singers. I couldn’t enjoy the choral quintet or sextet or septet Mozart created because the orchestra mottled their sounds. The set was disappointing. I expect more out of MOT with sets having seen what they’ve produced previously. I sit in the trustees circle. I had the same complaint about the orchestra when I saw Rigoletto. Should I move to the main floor? Perhaps the conductor might scale back his sound. I come for the opera. Otherwise I’ll go to Orchestra Hall to hear an orchestra.


Lori Goldman – Bloomfield Township

Loved the singing/voices, but the story itself was simplistic, predictable and unbearably tedious – liked Rigoletto much more.


Louis Marinaro – Ann Arbor

It was terrific, thanks


Deb T – Linden

This was wonderful! My first opera, and I enjoyed it termendously. The music, the beautiful voices, and the opera house itself….all outstanding!


Dick de Bear – Plymouth

Wonderful but too long!


David Potter – Ann Arbor

Matthew Stump did a excellent job as Figaro, as Maeve Hoglund captured Susanna’s wit splendidly. Edward Nelson’s count was vocally good, but this is a character in the age of Trump and Roy Moore who has specific resonance and people will have different views as to how contemporary the portrayal of the count should be (I would have preferred more rather than less). That also affects the way we see the countess, sung very well by Julie Adams, but she is a woman trapped in an abusive relationship and that could perhaps have come through more strongly (especially in the final scene). Still this was a wonderful production, the orchestra was terrific, and it was wonderful to hear a young cast do such a good job bringing this classic to life.


James Caldwell  – Madison, WI

My First time at MOT, wanted to see the theater (nice).
The opera was very good over all. I would have liked to see a little better than a (almost) superficial traveling set. And while the orchestra and voices were quite good – a little more rehearsal to keep the lines with the orchestra would have helped. (this only happened just enough to be noticeable). I hope to be back.


Karen – Detroit

Loved it! Funny, touching, dramatic…beautifully done.


Richard – Saline

It was a good show with a few disappointments. The orchestra sounded ragged, often out of sync with the singers, especially in the ensembles. Good singing in general, but couldn’t hear the Count. His voice didn’t cut through the orchestra. Susanna’s Deh vieni was beautiful.


Judith – Novi

We saw the final matinee. A truly outstanding production from all aspects. Acting and stage directions terrific on top of well-matched superb voices. Conducting super and did not drown out voices. Thank you!


M Campbell – West Bloomfield

I attended the Sunday matinee of The Marriage of Figaro, and was thrilled with the performance. It is a wonderfully funny opera which was only enhanced by the beautiful voices of the cast and their superb acting of their characters parts. I love the score for this opera, and the orchestra did not disappoint.


Jack – Ann Arbor

The sets, costumes, and singing were excellent. Outstanding was the acting of all performers and the singing of those performers who only did this one, Sunday, performance.


Mary Howarth – Rochester Hills

This was the most lively and enjoyable version of The Marriage of Figaro I have experiences – probably the 4th version including one in Vienna. Susanna was so expressive – not just her lovely voice, but her facial expressions and her body language. I sit in Row V of the mail floor and could see her mien without opera glasses. Figaro was so perfect – not a buffoon but still having a comic side. And another fantastic voice. I always think of Figaro as a bit larger than life, and this gentle was tall and fit the bill.
The rest of the cast also had lovely voices – in the ensemble pieces they blended beautifully and still had solo quality when needed.
I agree with Dmitriy’s favorable comment about the orchestra and the conducting of Stephen Lord. Mozart certainly should have appreciated their performance of his music.
The last two productions of the MOT are some of the best I have seen in my 20+ years of being a season subscriber. I can’t wait to see what the Spring will bring.


Harriet S – Detroit

My husband and I enjoyed the excellent and stirring performance on Saturday evening; several friends saw it on Sunday afternoon. All of us found it a musical and theatrical treat. It is amazing that it still speaks (or sings) to us today in many ways. It shows how power can corrupt, and leaves us with the hope that the “little guy” (and “little gal”) can take it on – and (sometimes) make things right. It does it with the most beautiful melodies and orchestration by the musical genius, Mozart, and through the excellent singing and orchestral playing of the MOT orchestra. Although long, it was worth every minute.


Dick & Sandy Landback – Farmington Hills

We enjoyed Marriage of Figaro immensely, from the great lecture right to the end. The cast was terrific – particularly Susanna & Figaro. We love the old traditional operas – Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini – and will not be attending productions in English and ‘updated’ settings (like the recent Rigoletto). The orchestra was great, as always.  The set looked like a money-saver – the left partition was actually crooked after intermission.  We’ve been attending MOT since David DiChiera came to town, and we miss him greatly.


Jean Michel – Paris (France)

The Marriage of Figaro was an awesome experience at Detroit Opera. Incredible performances from the singers as well the orchestra. The same pleasure during this event than in the Garnier Operas in Paris. Next time I will have the opportunity I will come back.