Studio Spotlight: Q&A With Briana Elyse Hunter

Spotlight - Briana
This month, meet our resident mezzo-soprano, Briana Elyse Hunter! Hailing from Pennsylvania, Briana joined the Michigan Opera Theatre Studio in the fall of  2016 and stars March 11-12 as the lead role of “Jo” in MOT’s opera Little Women, presented at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts. Recently, Briana was featured 0n WRCJ’s “myTunes” segment, discussing her favorite songs and musical influences. Take a listen here and learn more about Briana below!

Q: What’s your favorite opera and why?

A: “Madama Butterfly,” because it’s impossible for me to watch it or listen to it and not cry. That music pulls on my heartstrings.

Q: What has been your favorite performance experience?

A: My very first, Carmen in “Carmen.” It may seem trite, but it was the first time I was really able to fill up the stage with such an incredible character. It helped that I had the privilege of working on it with Marilyn Horne, one of the greatest mezzos of all time, and many of my colleagues became lifelong friends.

Q: What is your dream role?

A: Azzucena from “Il Trovatore.” It’s a monster of a role, but man is it good.

Q: What’s been the best part about being in the Michigan Opera Theater Studio?

A: My colleagues!  I love our studio family.

Q: What’s the best part about living in Detroit?

A: Watching it grow right before my eyes, so many new things sprouting up like flowers out of the rubble.  

Q: If you weren’t an opera singer, what would you be?

A: A psychologist/therapist (specializing in performing artists).

Q: What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

A: I am also a fine artist (drawing, painting, sculpting), but I don’t get to create new things as much as I’d like to these days.  

Michigan Opera Theatre Studio is a resident artist training program focused on supporting the next generation of opera singers. For more information, visit Michigan Opera Theatre Studio.