Little Women reviews

March 2017

Little Women reviews

Dr. Shirley Faust – Troy

Loved Little Women!  It was delightful, moving, and had an interesting interpretation. I love seeing the Studio Artists, and they each did a great job, but especially the lively Briana Hunter as Jo. The talk with the artists after the Opera was very interesting. I wish we could have heard more.  Four stars!


Ruth Rattner – Birmingham

Outstanding opera experience! Impressive production, singers, direction. Wish this Opera performance could be available to a broader audience in the Detroit area. A total winner.


New Opera Lover – Roseville

I went to see Little Women last night. Can anyone tell me what this type of Opera this is called. I mean this type as being one with out any melodies, one where the  orchestra is all playing from a different score? I have just started going to operas about five years ago. I have found so many that I love. Beautiful music and beautiful singing. Emotion evoking music. But I have to say I don’t enjoy this type of Opera. If I knew what type this was labeled I would avoid going and being disappointed. The singers of course did a wonderful job with what they had to work with, but I’m sorry I don’t think it was much.


Dr. Dan Levitsky – West Bloomfield

As season subscribers for many years, the four people in our group were unanimous in our review. We left at intermission. The music seemed atonal. This was minor league opera, not what we usually attend at the Michigan Opera Theatre.


Chris – Royal Oak

I really enjoyed Little Women.  The cast was very talented and well-prepared.  I thought each part was superbly presented.  The structure of the opera with the clock and looking back was most interesting.  The staging was simple but quite effective with the multiple scenes shown at any one time.   I hope to see more of this type of opera in the future.


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Steve – Pigeon

Fabulous talent.    Terrific voices and acting.   Imaginative use of props and sets.  However, story moved at slow pace with no interest in the story.   We only stayed until the end because of the wonderful voices.

Conrad Donakowski – Okemos

We seemed to be in an attic, then the prisms of unstable music lighted the way toward realization that the attic was really the store of memories inside the mind of the star singer, Jo. When this dreamscape opened again after intermission, our journey to the interior of a human soul resumed. By the close, we had toured a whole new interior world. It was a spiritual renewal consonant with the lofty aspirations of those nineteenth-century transcendentalists. They did so much to shape the strivings of our nation.
In this production the almost family-like coherence of the ensemble encouraged listeners to transcend trite tastes. Were we worthy of their inspiration?

Alexandra Jett – Royal Oak

For reference: we have been season ticket holders for many years. We usually enjoy the new and the old!

The good: voices were lovely, costumes were appropriate, excellent musicians, great view from balcony. The stark attic and minimalist set were in keeping with the feeling of the story.

The not so good: the music was bland. There were no discernable melodies. I was getting bored and somewhat irritated by the “music”. It felt like noise. I brought an 11 year old. She is a very polite girl who has attended a number of functions at the Detroit Opera House. We left at intermission.

sandra – Commerce

We thought the actors had great voices and did very well, but we like melodious music and this was not.  This was atonal.  We liked the concept just not the music.  Everything else was great.