Karen & John – Northville

First time for us. Impassioned performance. Tear jerker. We really enjoyed it.


Lina – Ann Arbor

It was wonderful! Nicole Cabell was amazing as Mimi-such a beautiful voice and it seemed so effortless. The sets and costumes were impressive as well.


Brenda and Bob K. – Troy

Excellent performance!  Great voices and stage sets.


staci – Novi

Very beautiful scenery and amazing singing. Very lovely story.


Dan – Rochester Hills

What do you get when you mix together a bunch of happy-go-lucky dirt-poor aspiring artists, a big-hearted love interest and a petri dish full of tuberculosis bacteria? Puccini, of course.  The magic of Puccini is that in La Boheme he takes opera-sappy melodrama and creates a musical landscape that speaks to our heart, head and soul.  When a character sings that the sun is rising, Puccini lets us “hear” the sun rising in all its glory.  When tragedy strikes Puccini takes us right into it. The cast members create youthful energy, angst and sense-of–loss with their excellent portrayals.  The sets are top notch and help us feel the places where this story takes place. If you have loved opera forever or you have never seen an opera before you will enjoy this presentation from the Michigan Opera Theater.


Vicki – Sterling Heights

Wonderful!!! Very enjoyable !!! Beautiful voices!!!!


Lynn – Taylor

The best production I have seen.  Great voices, wonderful staging and beautiful music.  Opera as it should be.


John Toth – Brighton

A heart felt and inspired performance.


Frank Cardimen, Oakland University – Rochester Hills

Wonderful evening of Puccini’s music and beautiful voices…especially Nicole Cabell as Mimi and Sean Panikkar as Rodolfo.  Supporting cast members were excellent and the orchestra fantastic.  Great evening of opera!


 Jordan Knepper MD – Green Oak Twn

A faithful version of a classic the singing was spot on and the stage was very well done.


First (& last?) timer – Grosse Ile

First real opera attended (other than “Phantom…). May be the last time too. Wasn’t fantastic, nor horrible, though. Story was a bit hokey, and I did chuckle to myself a few times. I had to keep consciously focussing on the music and orchestra, otherwise it would have been worse.  Definitely not worth the high price of the tickets.  I’ll let my wife find someone else to go with her if she chooses to see another opera.


Andres J. Sceglio – Warren

My girlfriend and myself enjoyed the performance very much. I took my 17 year old niece who is studying singing and also enjoyed. I definitely recomended to all Opera fans out there and specially to introduce young people to this art. Everyone on stage did a wonderful job, from the principals, chorus, orchestra and everyone involved.
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo…..!!!


Lauren M. – Grosse Pointe Farms

La Boheme is always spectacular. I appreciate that the MOT produces it frequently. This production did not disappoint. While the talent was off the charts, I have to say that my favorite part was the well-directed Marcello. Rodion Pogossov was splendid and I laughed and laughed. Well done! As far as tenors are concerned, Sean Panikkar was amazing. I guess I have a weakness for the men! The whole show was just as awesome as I had hoped it would be. Thank you, MOT!


Barbara – Southfield

I only have three words to say about this production:



Raymond and Yelisa Pfeiffer – Bay City

Overall, it was a memorable performance last Saturday, October 17, 2015!  The cast was superb, just radiating their involvement with the story, and conveying a sense of personal connection with each other.  Mimi was absolutely the best we have seen or heard, and we have seen La Boheme half a dozen times.  The orchestra was outstanding, and we came away, for the first time, with a sense of why this is a great opera, although its story is not.  The second act, out in the square, was just overwhelming, and all the teaming collection of all those singers, actors and actresses was surely the best we have seen.  Susan Mallare Acton simply always out-does herself, in all she does.   What a treasure we have in her!  The sets were good, and the lighting was absolutely superb.


Larry Powe – Birmingham

Opening night was a great experience for a guy whose wife “dragged him along”.   I thought this was a terrific production for Detroit, especially!!!   My wife cried at the end……which was awaited, ’cause she had seen La Boheme at least 5 times previously!!!!!  I am now sold on the MOT and its quality of productions.


Dodie – Marine City

Casting, singing, orchestra, costumes, staging, sets – all perfect – Bravo Puccini, Bravo DiChiera!!


Jan – Riverview

Excellent voices, beautiful cast.  Thoroughly enjoyed.


Erika – Dearborn

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! It was a life changing experience! 🙂


CorinneO – Bingham Farms

The production was sensational. I loved all of the leads. The orchestra and choirs sounded fabulous. It was a beautiful experience. Keep up the good work.


Cathleen – St. Clair Shores

The intimacy of the story line draws you in immediately……BRAVO Detroit Opera House, principal performers and the ensemble.
Puccini makes magic with every note of the score. Give this one your every consideration if not now, in the immediate future!


 Jeff Marraccini – Troy

Very energetic cast!  The humorous parts were played to the hilt but they also applied the same energy to the dramatic parts. Clearly everyone involved, from behind the scenes to those we saw on stage and in the orchestra, worked hard on this performance. Top notch!  Thank you, MOT!


Bunny – Clinton Township

Wonderfully staged, sets & costumes exquisite, breathtaking sopranos and tenors, unforgettable performance!!


Steven – Saint Johns

This was a lovely production of a favorite opera. I was really impressed with the singing of the cast. It is rare to see a production where the lead voices were all so wonderfully matched in volume and glorious tone. I was really impressed with Sean Panikkar such a wonderful voice, but all of the leads were fabulous. Like I said, evenly matched. Very impressive and entertaining performance!


Claudia & Nicolas – Sterling Heights

Great performance of the singers and the orchestra, wonderful stage sets, great night at the DOH. Bravo!


Bill – Sterling Heights

Made for a wondeful evening! Everything was great. This is the second time I’ve seen this opera. It was even better this time!


Randall & Siggi Tallerico – Grosse Pointe Farms

We have been fortunate to have enjoyed opera across the globe and Michigan Opera’s superb & compassionate production of La Bohème exceeded all expectations.


Mary – Wyandotte

La Boheme was our first opera.  We loved every moment of the opera.  The scenery/sets were incredible!


Dina Soresi Winter – Grosse Pointe Shores

La Boheme is one of the most beautiful operas ever written. And it is exquisitely performed at MOT.  The  whole cast is first rate!   Nicole Cabelle does a superb job of the role of Mimi; Sean Panikkar is a wonderful Rodolfo (and what a  fine young couple they make!).  The staging is outstanding; the music deeply moving.  This is a world-class performance!   A memorable event!   Don’t miss it!


Conrad – Okemos

Great singing, staging, lighting, and acting carried us along the intense roller coaster of passion powered by the magnificent MOT orchestra. The equal of any BOHEME seen worldwide in the other major opera houses of the globe.

Thank you!


Renee – Troy

I truly enjoyed it.  I hope to see another one someday.


PK – Michigan

First live performance, had pretty low expectations, but was blown away by the high energy and talent of the cast and musicians, as well as the beauty of the costumes and sets.  Loved the comedic elements (Monty Python, anyone?), thought the tragic elements were hokey and contrived, but I’m ignorant as to whether that reflects the taste of the composer, the style of the era, the conventions of the art form, or something else, certainly not an adverse reflection on the production.  Would certainly attend again, and this neophyte believes La Bohème was well worth the time and money expended.


Marilyn and Jim – Rochester Hills

We have seen it many times – it was wonderful! We thought the blend of Cabell and Panikkar’s voices was just beautiful.  The whole supporting cast was excellent, sets great, orchestra sounded good.  Excellent production.


Michael Dodge – Grosse Pointe Park

The sets were beautiful, so realistic and colorful. The actors did a really nice job making it look like fun on stage. Nicole Cabell and Sean Panikkar were great together.  We are so lucky to have the Opera theatre in Detroit, thank you.


Trey – Detroit

My father taught me that La Bohme is the most beautiful opera ever written. I have seen it a handful of times and this one is wonderfully delivered!

I enjoyed the entire cast!! Nicole Cabelle is a superb Mimi!!! Sean Panikkar is the most convincing Rodolfo I have ever seen and heard!!!! Last night’s was a memorable event. I intend to try to catch it again and I recommend not missing it!


Judy – St. Clair Shores

I loved this production.  So many have written about the excellent cast, production and music.  I would only add that I enjoyed the young members of the cast and the delight and enthusiasm they brought to the audience.  From crowd scenes to the finishing touches of the snowman, they were splendid.  Though their names did not appear in the program, they will remain stars to those of us who captured their sweet and joyful contribution to one of our most touching operas. Thank you kids!


nadia Ibrashi – Troy

Loved this interpretation of La boheme. Beautiful  singing and music.


Andrew Bemish – Northville

Simply wonderful all around!


Allen Wierzbicki – Dearborn

My 5th time seeing La Boheme through the years.  This production was absolutely incredible !!


Kate S – Birmingham

Delighted to see a “full house.”   MOT is to be credited by continuing to bring credible, outstanding operas to the Detroit area.  LOVED this performance!!!!   Staging was fantastic!


lawrence zatkin – White Lake

As a long time subscriber I’ve seen La Boheme many times at MOT. The presentation and voices were extraordinary. It was truly a pleasure. As expected the tears flowed even though everybody knows the ending. Mimmi, Rodolfo and Musseta knocked your socks off.


alicia blas – Detroit

I thought that the opera was beautiful. The sets were beyond real and so dreamy. I have only 1 complaint- the Detroit Opera House was so hot last night it was hard to really truly enjoy it. Everyone around me were fanning themselves (at 1st I thought it was me and my mid-life things:)

Nothing was that bad but just a hint of constructive criticism. Thanx for a lovely night out!


Brad Carroll – Ann Arbor

A wonderful version of this gorgeous, gorgeous opera !  Thank you !


Margaret – Bloomfield Hills

I was there when we got the hard hat tour of the opera house and chose our seats. So I saw all nine of the Boheme performances and this was the best of all in every respect!


Ron – Bloomfield Hills

It was fantastic.   One of the best staged operas I’ve been fortunate to see at the opera house.  Singing was exceptional, scenery magnificent, and staging was excellent.


Franz Kasper – Römerberg, Germany

Eine eindrucksvolle Aufführung. Die SängerInnen und das Orchester waren sehr gut. Das Bühnenbild war sehr stimmungsvoll. Es war für mich ein sehr bewegender Abend. Danke !


Doug – Ferndale

The sets were so realistic and creative. In my opinion they enhanced the performace. This production happens to be the second one that I have had the pleasure to enjoy and it was a cut above the first, almost stellar. The whole ensamble was co-ordinated and performed very well. The stars were very, very good. An enjoyable and entertaining performance.


Drew Colenbrander – Midland

The best La Boheme we’ve seen.  Superb casting and set, not a weak moment in the production!


Opera lover – Rochester

The sets were amazing!


William Hale – Detroit

All the principals, especially Mimi, Rodolfo, and Musetta, were strong and rich in sound.  The acting was fine and the staging superb.  The background opening into the moonlit night sky at the close of the first scene was very emotionally effective for their most powerful love duet.  I would highly recommend this performance.


Lisa – Brighton

LOVED it! First time EVER at the opera. Brought my mom for her birthday (her first time too).  We were absolutely blown away by the venue, the stage sets, the performances, and the story. The music was performed so beautifully by the orchestra and the voices. I wondered if I would cry and I did, and I never expected I would laugh.  It was a moving performance!  It’s simply amazing that after all of these years, Puccini’s work could still be so relevant and moving.  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!


Clarita K. – Grosse Pointe Woods

I’ve never been disappointed with any MOT production.This is our second year as season ticket holders and will continue to do so.Truly enjoyed La Boheme for once again , I heard the melody of my favorite song, Della Reese’s” Don’t You Know” from Puccini’s Musetta’s Waltz.
Bravo to all the outstanding performers of the Oct 25th event especially to Lina Tetriani,Eric Margiore , Marina Costa -Jackson and Rodion Pogossov!
The pre performance preview by Dr ______ adds to the great experience each time we visit the DOH.
Thank you all for making the world a better place!


 John and Julie – Attica

This was our first opera and we didn’t know what to expect. I’m disappointed I’ve waited so long.  We just loved it. The performance,  was wonderful. Just loved everything about it and we look forward to seeing many more. So thankful to have been able to experience such a wonderful production.


Ann & John – Clinton Township

Wonderful performances and beautiful voices! I especially enjoyed Marina Costa-Jackson as Musetta. The sets and costumes were magical. Such a grand and memorable Sunday afternoon. Thank you!


Nadis Greenidge – Waterford

I am a long time Opera lover , over 40 years. This was a beautiful performance, from the voice to the sets. Lovely…


Leonora – Macomb

Amazing performance . The sets were so real and beautiful . Great cast , beautiful voices.


Jane – Grosse Pointe

Pure joy!


Katherine – Ann Arbor

The production was so energetic I felt as though some dramatic moments were “stepped on,” but that same energy put the cafe scene right over the top (in a good way). Altogether enjoyable–even more amusing than usual if not quite so heart-string-tugging.


Sandy Surma – Highland

This was the first time I have been to an opera, and I am now hooked and can’t wait to go again. La Boheme was a wonderful performance and a great choice for my first opera experience. Amazing talent, and in a wonderful venue to showcase opera. Bravo!


Dana R Darnell – Macomb

From Row 3. we had a great opportunity to hear their voices up close. All was well done. Scenery was very good. Another credit to MOT.


BLB – Grand Blanc

I am new to opera, attending only Marriage of Figaro prior to Sunday’s performance of La Bohe’me. I very much enjoyed La Bohe’me. The talented cast did an excellent job, not only singing, but in bringing their character to life. The accompanying orchestra is also to be commended, such beautiful music! Very enjoyable!


Susie – Grosse Pointe

My first time to the MOT and it was wonderful! The sets were absolutely fabulous and the talent on stage was great! We attended the matinee and there were many, many seniors in the crowd… they cough A LOT so I would recommend increasing the volume, a bit, during a Sunday matinee!

Thank you for the most enjoyable day! We’ll be back!!!


Danielle – Southfield

La Boheme was great!  Performers did a good job as well.  This was my first time seeing this particular opera and I was very pleased.  The stage set was beautiful, detailed and also played a character in opera itself.  I enjoyed the singing, very pretty at times almost like a lullaby.  I love visiting the Detroit Opera house, as I am never disappointed.


Mary Joyce – Clarkston

Really loved it!! My brother, who goes with us, said it was the best “La Boheme” production he’s ever seen ( and he’s seen quite a few)! I loved all the principals, each one had beautiful voices, and were good actors, also. We thought the dramatic opening of the set, to the Paris sky, in the first act, was particularly stunning. Kudos to all involved in the production!


Stephen S. – Farmington Hills

This cast breathed new life into La Boheme, with lively, inspired performances.  The staging was among the best that Michigan Opera  has offered in recent years.


Ann Kolito – Harrison Township

I loved the entire production….it was a return to the Michigan Opera Theater after a number of years …we were subscribers in the days before the lovingly restored Opera House became “home” and now that we are “empty nesters” have re-subscribed.

This was a wonderful La Boheme…sets, singers, orchestra…I was actually teary-eyed at the finale. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season… Hurrahs to David Di Chiera


Ronald Kolito – Harrison TWP

All the singing was strong and wonderful. The main characters’ activities added liveliness.The action and singing of the extras and children’s chorus was lively and excellent. They obviously enjoyed being on stage.  The scenery was creative, colorful and entertaining. This rendition is the most entertaining one I have attended.


Barb & Ernie – Royal Oak

First opera we have attended.  Very impressive – we really enjoyed it.


helen – St. Clair Shores

We attended Sunday afternoon’s performance with a different Rodolfo and Mimi than the previous weeks.
I definitely have enjoyed better renditions of this beautiful opera over the years. Unfortunately the tenor’s voice was too weak for the part. Perhaps as he matures, it will become fuller.