Enjoy tapas of Seville

During this final weekend of Carmen at the Detroit Opera House, la Feria Spanish Tapas is featuring a menu to complement our production.

The Sevillian-born chef and co-owner, Pilar Barón-Hidalgo, has created a menu of southern Spanish favorites Solomillo al Pedro Jimenez (pork loin filets seared in Sherry from the southern city of Jerez),  Pincho Moruno de Pollo (chicken marinated in Moorish spices) and, to cap off the experience, a delightful Fino or Pedro Jimenez sherry (dry or sweet depending our your preference) from Spain’s Sherry capital of Jerez.

La Feria
4130 Cass Avenue
Closed Sunday


in celebration of Michigan Opera Theatre’s Carmen


Para Empezar/To Begin: 

Almendras Tostadas vv. gf

House Roasted Almonds. Paprika. Sea Salt. Olive Oil


Champiñones en Salsa Verde vv. gf

Grilled Crimini Mushrooms Caps filled with a Parsley/Lemon/Garlic Salsa


Ensalada de Espinacas con Pera v. gf

Spinach. Pear. Walnut. Blue Cheese. Roasted Shallot Vinaigrette.


Acompañado Por/Accompanied By The Following:


Mejillones gf

PEI Mussels steamed in White Wine and Shallot Sauce


Solomillo gf

Pork Loin Filet Seared in Sweet Spanish Sherry and Garlic.


Pisto Manchego v. gf

Spanish Stewed Vegetable Medley. Oregano Garnish.




Calamar a la Parilla gf

Grilled Squid Steak. Lemon. Garlic Olive Oil. Parsley.


Pincho Moruno de Pollo gf

Moorish-style Grilled Chicken on Skewer.


Pisto Manchego v. gf

Spanish Stewed Vegetable Medley. Oregano Garnish.



Acabamos con Postres/We’ll Finish with Dessert 


Flan al Caramelo—Spanish Custard with a Caramel Glaze and

Tarta de Sangtiago—Flourless Almond Cake with Orange and Lemon Zest

Una Copita /And To Drink

Montevannos Reserva Aged 14 months in oak. 2006 (Ribera del Duero) Tempranillo. Merlot 750 ml


Sherry (Jerez, Southern Spain) Two 4 oz servings

Choice of Fino (dry) or Pedro Jimenez (sweet)