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Carmen, October, 2016 |


Natalie – Livonia

This was my first time ever seeing Carmen, it was a wonderful show! It felt as though Ginger Costa-Jackson was born to play this role. Her acting and singing was extremely impressive. Don José and Micaela’s vocal abilities blew me away! It was a great opening night and I am honored I was able to see the show!


jim h – Dearborn

Tremendous voices. Very entertaining.


Eleanor – Harrison Twp.

Wonderful!!! Great cast! Ginger Costa -Jackson was a perfect Carmen, Cecilia Lopez has a stunning voice, while Marcelo Puente sang the most beautiful “la Fleur que tu m’avais jetee” . A terrific production!


Lynn – Farmington Hills

Great performances! Would have loved to see a bit more character in the set design. I do however plan to recommend the performance to others. Well done MOT!


B. D. – Farmington Hills

We enjoyed Carmen very much. The hugh cast was great. Costumes and scenery were beautiful.
We sat 3 rows from the back on the right. We did not know how these seats would be.
We were pleasantly surprised how well we could see and read the postings. We think it was better than sitting center where we would have had to stretch our neck upward.
The only problem we had was with some of the actors. For example : Carmen has a beautiful voice, but did not feel it was very strong. She was quite low at times. Perhaps it was her microphone. We thought we should have been able to feel her songs. The woman next to me agreed. At times, some of the others had the same problem.
There was one small problem we had, however it had nothing to do with the opera or your venue. The couple sitting behind us were reading the words out loud-maybe one couldn’t read or see, but it was disrupting for all of us.

Thank you for your review, B. D. Our singers train their voices to be heard above a 50-member orchestra (a special feat!) and perform without microphones at the Detroit Opera House.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Martin – Holly

This was the first time I have ever seen Carmen. Of course, I was very familiar with the music itself, but never had the chance to experience seeing it at the opera house. Instead of going in details and write a long review, I chose to use one word: Spectacular! Just another proof that the Detroit Opera is top of World Class!


Sam Bushala  –  Grosse Pointe Woods

Great production, marvelous voices, enjoyed every minutes of it. Superb!


Silvia Althoen – Ann Arbor

An amazing performance under the wonderful spell of Maestro Galli’s baton, orchestra and singers just gave their best. Powerful acting superb interpretation. The performance was a crescendo of passion and music that kept us all in awe. Maestro Galli’s interpretation was sublime.  He should be invited more often, his passion and energetic enthusiasm was palpable. It was obvious the cast engaged and felt the vibe!  Fantastic performance, a must see.


Jessica – Oxford

Wonderful opening night of a great season. I have been attending Opera in Detroit since I was in high school and last night’s performance was certainly one of my favorites. Beautiful venue and beautiful voices as always!


Harvey Kahl – Clinton Township

This is a beautiful production throughout. Ginger Costa/Jackson plays a tantalizing Carmen. Her voice is so colorful and expressive. Marcello Puente as Don José is impressive in his North American debut. He handles the difficult tenor role with apparent ease. Let’s hear it for the orchestra as well. Exciting playing from the opening notes. Again colorful and expressive apply. The woodwinds particularly shine in their solo playing and Ms Ross’s harp playing was beautiful and her sound strikingly rich. So much to love in this music. So many great themes.


Mary Jane Doerr  –  Bay View

This was the best Carmen I have ever seen! Fresh interpretations of Don Jose, Carmen and Micaela. Strikingly simple sets. Dramatic staging and costuming. A treat and a tribute to MOT.


M – G.P.P.

Extremely disappointed in this opera. The first act was dull in set and insulting in costume. Aisle 3 usher constantly seating late arrivals with flashlight rather than waiting until appropriate time. I left after the first act…total waste of an evening.


Mihaela – Brighton

This was an extraordinary show, and the acting of singing for all the main characters was outstanding. I was deeply touched and so humbled by the whole performance!


David – Rochester

MOT’s production of Bizet’s 1875 classic is fiery and enthralling! A must-see!


David A – Ann Arbor

Fabulous production — the best I’ve seen in my five years of attending DOA., Micaela and Don Jose’ were most impressive — worth the price of admission — and Ginger Costa-Jackson ensured that all eyes were on her with tremendous stage presence. But, the real stars of the evening were Valerio Galli and the orchestra. What glorious music! Bring back Maestro Galli!!!


Sara – Rochester

This was an absolutely fabulous show. The cast did an amazing job. The voices of Don José Micaela, and Carmen will send shivers down your spine. If you only see one Opera in your life let it be this fiery production of Carmen.


Alexandra – Royal Oakb

A wonderful introduction to my 14 year olds first grown-up opera. Everything was wonderful! The music, the voices, the orchestra!!! She’s an fan, and so am I.


Bill Betz – Clinton Twp

Everything about the orchestra, chorus, acting, and of course the singing was outright fantastic, especially Jose in Act 3, Scene 2, he was so emotional that I was almost exhausted when he finished. Superb in every way. Now, the downside. The sets were spartan at best, but the 20th century costuming left me cold as was the last opera brought into the 20th century, I (think that it was Samson and Delilah). The sets and costumes really set the mood. Otherwise it was glorious.


Douglas Davis – Ferndale

One word can only describe my reaction: ” exceptional.” Another might be: “Superb.” Sets were imaginative, accompanying music was flawless, and the lead performers magnificent.


Christine – Howell

We have been attending MOT performances since 1995, and this was our second performance of Carmen. Ginger Costa-Jackson was perfect in the part. We enjoyed it very much. Well done, MOT!


Leonora Strausz – Tecumseh

Carmen was most definitely engaging however, I’ve seen better at the MOT. I understand that he MOT is trying to align itself with the more contemporary set designs as put forth by the MET but sometimes it’s not a bad idea to leave well enough alone. Some costumes in the opening scene were distasteful due to lack in judgment as far as clothing and body type are concerned. Puente was hands down phenomenal as was Jackson, unfortunately, Orozco was a weak baritone…it’s too bad the orchestra did not compensate for his lack in the ability to project his voice. Given how weak he was, the orchestra should have lowered its volume instead of overpowering him.
Nevertheless, I will always see Carmen despite the very mild disappoint I felt last night.


ernie cesarone – Canton

I enjoyed it very much. Not much of a opera buff but I always go to see Carmen. Tthe singing was great – thanks to all for a great show.


sushi – Riverview

Third time seeing, first time with this update version. Loved it.


Sharon S – Detroit

Truly enjoyable, great performance, worthy of seeing.


PW-GPF – Grosse Pointe Farms

Ginger Costa Jackson was a wonderful Carmen. A fine actress, perhaps lacking a bit in overall vocal power, but excellent. I am somewhat disheartened that a prior poster said that perhaps her “microphone” wasn’t adjusted correctly. Note to all opera theaters: please note in the program that opera does not use amplification! This is what makes opera singers extraordinary.
Marco Puente as Don Jose had an outstanding tenor voice. Hope to see him again. Overall a very fine, well directed production. MOT did itself proud on opening night.


CM – Berkley

I thought Carmen (Ginger Costa-Jackson) was a strong singer, character, and very charismatic. As for everything else… was a must miss. Scenery, costumes, other male and female rolls were very lack luster. Left after the second act. There was 20 minutes of Opera board announcements before the start which should be left for meetings and fund raising events not performances to the general public. Not the Hall’s fault but there were people talking through most of the performance. They did try to rectify the talking in the second act. The enjoyment to cost ratio was very very low. I think we will stick to the Ballet.


Sandra – Roseville

Ginger Costa-Jackson was fabulous as Carmen. This role was definitely for her. I loved all the singers actually, as I enjoyed the whole performance so much. I was most impressed with Valerie Galli and the orchestra. The music was so beautiful that I didn’t want it to end. The only thing I was not impressed with at all was the set. Very dull and unimaginative.



The power of this visceral production of Carmen was an outstanding success and a fitting tribute to the last season of DiChiera at the helm. I read through some of the reviews. In terms of vocal quality and prowess..First of all opera is sung without microphones. It is understandable that a novice to opera would not be aware of this, but it does make a difference if one is used to sitting in a small theater with Broadway singers who use microphones. Lower notes have less power than the ringing zinging soprano high c notes. Think of it…a flute vs a trombone, the clarity of sound is different and will penetrate the hall differently. Physics. A very large instrument tends to be louder than a smaller instrument . I think vocally the cast was superb and well balanced. The level of singing in this production rivals Met productions and other companies where I have watched Carmen. This Carmen was absolutely embodied by Costa-Jackson vocally, physically, and em1otionally. In fact she is by far the best Carmen I have ever seen, and I’ve seen the best of the best. Garanca and Anita are today’s excellent Carmens but in my eyes they lost the pedestal last night. Her voice was powerful throughout with low volcanic tones and ringing zinging high notes. The voice reminiscent of some of the greats in the past who had an extremely versatile range. I look forward to seeing her development. The tenor Puente was wonderful as well. A fine lyric voice. The two leads expressed emotion so very well, it was gripping and there’s no other word to describe their performance. The death scene elicited a multitude of gasps, which means it hit the mark. Micaela had a beautiful soprano voice, and performed her arias well. The fellow gypsies and the toreador also were excellent. The production is one that has been done for several years at Detroit. My personal preference is geared more towards the traditional Carmens that take place in Seville. Zeferelli’s production at the met is my favorite staging. It seems that the majority of opera houses these days and festivals are modern productions . In terms of a more modern take on this classic opera the director did a fine job and Maestro Galli kept a smart tempo and did not over power or take away from the singing which ultimately is the most difficult test for a conductor. To assist the singers rather than to compete with them. Bravo MOT and congratulations to this young vibrant cast on their great success last night.


Matthias – Lansing

We had a wonderful evening, well worth the trip from Lansing. The acting and singing was great, above average from what I can tell. There were a few distractions from the audience, however – latecomers, talk, noise from plastic sweets wrappers – and I felt the ushers could have been more on top of things. For next time, I hope.


Harriet S – Detroit

Another “don’t miss” for MOT. I have seen Bizet’s Carmen at least 6 times – (not even counting DVD versions and listening to it on recordings or the Met broadcasts), and this was by far the best I can remember. Ginger Costa-Jackson was a sexy, fiery, fully developed character, and the contrast with the ethereal Micaela was striking. Both sang beautifully. One could understand why Don José was entrhalled. overwhelmed, went off with her and finally killed her.
The cigarette factory girls were great. You could feel the heat and tension of the factory as they came out for their break that then was reflected in the fight that resulted in Carmen’s arrest and the flame she had in voice and body that led to her escape. Their singing – as well as Carmen’s solos – projected tension and intensity superbly.
I thought the balance between orchestra (excellently led by Conductor Galli) kept the intensity of the story moving through the music. For me, the Second act, in the Tavern, was amazingly powerful and, for some reason, gave me a new insight to the opera and the characters – despite all the other times I have seen or heard it.
I went and researched more about Bizet and was saddened by his early death. What additional wonderous operas besides the Pearl Fishers and Carmen might we enjoy today if he had lived on another 10 or 20 years!
Bravo singers, orchestra, and all those on stage and behind the stage to make this a “don’t miss” opera.


Mary – St. Clair Shores

Great performance! The voices of Don Jose and Micaela were outstanding. I would liked to have seen Carmen look more like a gypsy.


Larry E. Powe – Birmingham

Opening night was superb!!!! Detroit is so proud of the level of culture we have. The orchestration, choral and acting skills is among the very best world wide!!!!! Ginger, the tart, had me from the beginning!!!!


Terietta – Detroit

Carmen is officiallly my favorite Opera. Carmen gave me all my favorite elements that I like about opera. A dramatic death, someone spirals into insanity and recognizing songs from my childhood. Ginger Gosta-Jackson was amazing. She gave me the over the top diva that I identify with. This season is starting off in the best way and I cant wait for the rest of it!


sailing gypsy – St. Clair Shores

I believe CARMEN was truly a fun and exciting performance! The set the, the orchestra, the cast was simply divine! All and all a stupendous rendition of CARMEN at the MOT! Bravo to you!


Laila – Detroit

My husband and I love the opera and this one was wonderful……We absolutely loved it. Great date night for sure.


Andrés – Warren

I enjoyed the Opera very much. Marcelo Puente proved to be a fantastic tenor with a great future ahead . Ginger Costa Jackson was “Carmen” , very seductive and cruel . Micaela was great . With a bit of disappointment I expected more of Escamillo, we all wait for the toreador area and it seamed was a bit weak. The Orquestra was magnificent. Thank you so much to everyone involve in making Opera posible to be seen in Detroit . Cheers !!


James Parker – Grosse Ile

A fine production. I especially appreciated Cecelia Lopez as Micaela. I have been following MOT since David DiChiera visited my choir students at Grosse Ile HS as part of Overture to Opera. He’s been a great force for opera in Detroit. Before that we had to be satisfied with the one week visit of the Met. Now we have a whole season. Kudos to David and the whole organization.


Dan – Rochester Hills

Bizet and I are on the same wavelength. When you need sensuous, sultry, erotic vocalization turn to a great mezzo-soprano voice. One of the delights of Carmen is the resonant, wonderful mezzo sung in this production by the smoking-hot mezzo Ms. Ginger Costa-Jackson. Sopranos often get top billing but to me there is something extra special about mezzos. They express unique depth and dimension with their vocal range that is a delight to behold. Go get your tickets while you can and I bet you will agree!


Barbara – West Bloomfield

This was my first visit to the opera Carmen, and I was blown away by the voices and the acting. Detroit Opera House is a gorgeous venue for the evening. I will definitely come back again for many more opportunIties for music and dance. Thank you Detroit for keeping the arts alive!


Barbara Ann – Southfield

This is one of the most beautiful performances that I have seen at the Detroit Opera House since I joined for the season seven years ago. Carmen is a favorite of many people. Even though, the beautiful music was at the helm, all parts of the production were equally well developed. The voices were exquisite overall, the costumes and color arrangements in gray and neutral tones gave a backdrop for the red flags, the red curtain. and the red bullfighting arena.
The dance scenes were well developed, too The marching scene in the first act and the flags waving in Scene 3 are not to be missed. Also, the Spanish dancers gave great color and authenticity to the production. Don Jose’s acting in the end of scene 3 was heart-wrenching, too.
This production is not to be missed! Hurry and order your tickets before it ends.


Peter Lin – Ann Arbor

All the lead roles sang very well. I shed tears in tenor’s “La fleur que tu mavee jetee”. The whole show was engaging.


Lynn – Howell

While I am a bit of a traditionalist, I liked the setting chosen for this season’s Carmen. I’m disappointed in a few of these reviews that denegrate the costuming in the first act. Perhaps these guests are unfamiliar with factory conditions and have been brainwashed by Hollywood into believing all performers must be anorexic. I much appreciated the realism.
The players and orchestra were mesmerizing. I didn’t think Escamillo was weak, but was, perhaps, a different voice than some patrons expected. I adored his performance as well as the more frequently praised other lead vocalists. I also commend the chorus for a beautifully supportive and harmonious blend–so many soloists in too many choruses.
Looking forward to the rest of another wonderful season!


Mary – Birmingham

Stunningly beautiful!


Tom Seubert – Roseville

Best Carmen we have seen yet. All the singers/actors were completely compelling in their roles, even more so than in previous productions we have seen. The music was spot on as usual. A Must-see!


Traditionalist – Detroit

I’ve seen Carmen several times ~ this performance was almost perfect: loved the music and the vocalists were incredible. Hated the set design and costumes ~ why do directors feel these classic need “updating”???


Robby G – Ann Arbor

I have a soft spot for Carmen, so I was a very willing audience member. Overall, this was a very solid production. Kudos to Ms. Acton for the incredible diction, dynamics and tightness of the adult and youth ensembles. The leading ensemble was strong from top to bottom, and each seized opportunities to wow the audience. I was moved to holler “Brava” following Ms. Lopez’s aria in the third act, though Mr. Puente and Ms. Costa’s best moments were, in my opinion, in the midst of scenes that aren’t customarily stopped by hollers from audience members (at least not in Detroit!). The staging for the ensembles felt for the most part safe and clean, if a tad lifeless and “stand (or sit) and sing”. The movement of the lead characters was fresh and emotional, just as I would hope for for Carmen. The orchestra, in ensemble pieces and in various solos, played with thrilling tempi, clarity and shaping that went sadly unacknowledged last night. The set was lovely to look at and provided excellent settings, if a bit basic. I highly recommend this production, and bravi to all!


Brianna B – Grand Blanc

Carmen is always a stunning treat. This was my first live opera, though I am subscribed to the Metropolitian Opera’s opera on demand and I am training as an opera singer as well. It was marvelous! Ginger’s voice is so strong! This was perhaps the first time that I wasn’t bored by the same monotonous rendition of Je dis que rien ne m’épouvante. Not many people have much to bring to Micaela’s role but last night was wonderful!
I brought my sister with me. She is 25 and it was her first opera as well (I am 21). She knew nothing about the opera beyond the few pieces she had played when she was in the Flint Youth Orchestra. She enjoyed it thoroughly and I may just have made an opera fan out of her as well.
Thank you so much to the wonderful cast, staff of the opera house, the tech crew and the patrons for making it possible and creating a truly magical evening!


Tess – Ferndale

What a captivating night at the opera! This was our first visit to Detroit’s Opera House and we were impressed and overwhelmed with the talent and compelling performance from the performers on stage and in the orchestra pit! Ginger Costa-Jackson embodies the role of Carmen so perfectly, it’s as if it were written for her. We were floored by the voice and stamina of Marcelo Puente in the role of Don Jose, a tenacious, confused and thwarted lover of Carmen’s. Cecelia Violetta Lopez added a lot of depth to the otherwise boring character of Micaela. I especially enjoyed the singing shared by Carmen and her gypsy friends, Frasquita (Angela Theis) and Mercedes (Briana Elyse Hunter). They were phenomenal in multiple scenes and their harmonies soared through the theater. Thank you for a wonderful first visit!!


Robert DiGiovanni and Judy Steeh – Ann Arbor

One of the best performances we ever have seen at the Detroit Opera House. Costa-Jackson, Lopez, Theis, and Puente were outstanding in regard to both singing and acting. The set design was very good: it fit the action without overpowering it. The costumes were authentic and attractive. The conductor and orchestra performed to their usual high standards. The only negative comment we would make is that the intervals, especially the first, were too long


Susan – West Bloomfield

Loved it! Singers, orchestra, sets and costumes all made for a total opera experience. The enthusiastic audience response made it a great evening at the Detroit Opera House.


Gerald Carvey – Rochester Hills

We (wife & granddaughter) really enjoyed it. Great voices although Escamillo was a bit weak and of course had one of the best known vocals from the opera. My wife had back surgery and required handicap facilities she was directed to take the elevator off Madison had difficulty as the units were not fitted for handicap. Otherwise the opera house was beautiful and we were very pleased with the evening.


Paul – Waterford

The best performance of Carmen I’ve ever seen.! Only negatives …. the sets were too sparse and the 20th century adaption just doesn’t work for me .


J. K. King – Ferndale

The entire cast was wonderful. Ginger C. Jackson as Carmen, Marcelo Puente as Don Jose, Luis Orozco as Escamillo, and many others contributed their beautiful voices to the lyrics that were complemented by the French language, as well as the orchestral presentation of Georges Bizet’s music by conductor Valerio Galli. Set design in vibrant red, orange and ominous black colors enhanced Bizet’s themes of Carmen’s lusty love, her destiny of death, and her fearless quest for freedom. Bravo! A toast to the gypsy spirit and the memory of the ancient bull-goddess!


Clement – Detroit

Great opera, great singers and costumes ! Really good time at Detroit Opera House !!


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Cherie – Southfield

Breathtaking! What an experience. I’m still thinking about it. The costumes, orchestra, stage design were as aesthetically beautiful as the opera house. The voices, singing and acting were way above par. It is a must see!


Dr. Al Utecht  – Livonia

The year’s best of the best operas. A compelling performance has graced our Opera performances. One had to have been there to appreciate the offering the cast made in their respected roles. Members of the Detroit Opera House Company you scored big!


 John Treba – Troy

Great performance but misanthopy came thru .The battle of the sexes is forever. Viva Don Jose!!!!


Celeste V Pollman – Rochester Hills

I had a wonderful time. The voices were fantastic, so lovely! Ginger Costa-Jackson was mesmerizing as Carmen. She dominated the stage. I love, love, loved Marcelo Puente’s Don José. Cecilia Violetta Lopez performance of Micaela’s aria “Je dis que rien ne m’épouvante” was heavenly. This was the first opera that I’ve ever attended, and I plan on it becoming the first of many.


Francie – West Bloomfield

This was my 3rd or 4th time seeing Carmen, & was by far the best. The lead voices were wonderful, & Ginger Costa-Jackson was the perfect embodiment of her sultry character. Bravo, MOT!


Kay – Detroit

The show was wonderful. I loved the costumes, the scenery, the acting, and the singing was superb. Don Jose acted his heart out!!! Great job done by all.


Cathleen – St. Clair Shores

We attended on Wednesday evening. It was truly an amazing cast who awarded the audience will an “all out “performance!!
Ms. Costa-Jackson was REMARKABLE – it was though she was born to play the role of Carmen!. Micaela showed heart wrenching emotion to us all! Don’t miss the chance to see this AMAZING production – congratulations Michigan Opera Theatre!


Eric VanPoucker  – Detroit

The vocalists and orchestra were great. However, the stage production as a whole was like watching a high school musical . The staging was very amateurish. The sets were very minimal and made no sense to me. The soloists were acting way over the top, as the audience began to laugh out loud as scenes that were suppose to serious. I saw the production of Carmen a few years ago at the Opera House and thought it much better than this one. Out of four stars, I would rate this production a two.


Alan P – Clinton Twp.

First time seeing Carmen, or attending an opera. My wife and I had a wonderful time. Carmen is my wife’s favorite opera so I had been checking every year for when it would return to Detroit.


Prof. of Music Emeritus,. MSU, Conrad L. Donakowski – Okemos

Again we thrilled to see and hear in this glorious house, one of the treasures of our nation, the Michigan Opera Theater. Freely tears were shed around me. Cheers and applause that almost wouldn’t stop. Let’s be amazed and bring our friends and family to enjoy this championship team, a glory of our great resurgent city. Brown, di Chiera, & co. continue to bring us the best of talent on the way to the top.


Kai Hildebrandt  – Windsor

A fantastic production–the exact opposite of the traditional “porcher cast”–everyone not only sang the part superbly, but looked so believably as well. Due to Carmen’s physical AND vocal performance, all of the men in the audience could sympathize with the men on stage for falling for her!–with the brief hesitation following Micaela’s aria at the smuggler’s camp.
An incredibly convincing performance, with sublime singing, and great chorusses! So much fun!


CorinneO – Bingham Farms

Another fabulous production by MOT. The leads were sensational as was the orchestra and choir. I hated to see it end. It was so beautifully done. Keep up the good work!


Chuck – Hamtramck

Carmen & Don Jose invited us in to experience the raw emotion of love at its most primal level. They did not disappoint. Saturday was a special for the eyes, ears, and the mind. Bravo!!!!


Tatyana – Oak Park

We were fresh from seeing Carmen with Anita Rachvelishchvili, in Toronto (that was an outstanding performance and a great show!), and it was extremely interesting to watch a very different interpretation and very different Carmen here in Detroit. For once, the singers here were much younger, very beautiful people, capable of dancing and acting with great passion. I think they have a great career ahead of them and am so happy that we had a chance to watch them now! The choir and all the group scenes were awesome (as usually! I think MOT has one of the greatest choirmasters in the world!). Enjoyed the show and will be back!


Torrie M – Farmington Hills

This was an energizing, electrifying, and entertaining take on this classic story!


Hassan – Troy

I have seen Carmen many times. I have never ever seen it this good. I loved the music, the act, the voices and the production. Truly world class performance . My hat is off to you.


Yuna – Waterford

We had wonderful time! Even my 13 year old son liked it.
I thought that singers were superb with perhaps a weaker performance by the Toreodor. We were in the balcony and it was hard to hear him sing.
As always great job by all the volunteers getting this enormous crowd sitted on time with courtesy and smile!
Going to Opera is always a great cultural event. This was special.


Keith M. – Rochester Hills

I’ve developed a recent interest in opera and thoroughly enjoyed Carmen. Beautiful music, great sets and flawless performers. Plan to return often.


Nicola Rooney – Brighton

Great voices from Don Jose, Carmen and Micaela, combined with excellent acting. Much more enjoyable in every way than the last time we saw Carmen in Detroit. I like the minimalist sets – they put the voices and the music at the center of attention.


Cristian Perieanu – Novi

The opera was very good.


Lois – Plymouth

Another great production from MOT, which is what I have come to expect from the company!


Randy – Ann Arbor

I have attended two performances and thoroughly enjoyed the musical and acting talent of each character. I would recommend Carmen to anyone who loves opera and those who are curious as to what an opera is all about. Perfect “first” opera to experience. Absolutely fantastic ! ! !


Blondi – Commerce

The voices were superb, the acting wonderful, and even the dancing was sultry and done well. I took along an 11 year old boy who just loved it and a 24 year old who genuinely was impressed. I also had a visitor who said she did not expect the impressive quality she had seen? (The quality equalled that of the MET to which she has regular tickets ?) very well done . And as for myself and my spouse , we felt it equall -ed the best production of the many times we have seeCarmen !!


Jackie Keys – Ann Arbor

Just got home after seeing the Sunday matinee, highly enjoyable as always. unfortunately the man seated next to had recently partaken of raw onions and I had to endure a cloud of onion vapor the entire performance. I realize that opera is becoming more popular after years of an old farts reputation, but a short course in opera etiquette would have helped this poor soul. funny thing going down in the elevator, “.Well, she’s dead”.


Pam – Waterford

I had heard wonderful things about Costa-Jackson and can now say the same about Piques Eddy. Her singing and acting were superb as was the entire performance. I’ve been a classic opera lover (minus Wagner!) since childhood, a loyal supporter of MOT for years and this was one of the best performances ever. Kudos not only to the marvelous cast but also to the director (imaginative pieces of “business” in the chorus and a performance that was integrated throughout), chorus master (seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves while singing beautifully) and conductor. Thanks to all for a wonderful afternoon.


Anesis – Saline

Exceptioptional perormance by Ginger Costa-Jackson as well as the entire cast.


Taras – Sterling Heights

It was a stunning production. Very impressive….the conductor and orchestra outdid themselves. Bravo!


Mona Ruggers – Milford

Definitely a world class performance!! The orchestra was flawless!! All the voices were superb, particularly the soprano and tenor .


Claudia Civeriatti/Villafane – White Lake

Honoring my husband Dr Carlos Villafane today wiith Carmen. What a great performance, astonishing  voices and amazing director. Thank you so much Mr. David Dichiara for such a devoting job.


Maria U. – Waterford

It was excellent production enjoyed it very much. First time seen it.


DianaWH – Mount Clemens

It was excellent production enjoyed it very much. First time seen it.


Jennifer Renkowski  – Warren

The performance was beautiful for eyes and ears, but best of all, I took my mom (88) and two aunts (92 and almost 90). My mom had never seen an opera, and my aunts love them so that in their earlier years, would travel to see performances across the country. I want to formally thank the ushers for their assistance with the wheelchair and the care they gave my family as I wound my way to the very summit of the parking structure. Nobody got lost, everybody had a great time, and the house assistance was over the top!! Bravo! Thanks too for the opportunity to get these tickets at such a great deal after my first trip to the Detroit Opera last season. As soon as I can afford it, I’ll be back!


Judy Spencer – Detroit

Just one word, EXCELLENT!!!!!!


jean marc – Rochester

Remarkable!!!!!. I love it the best Carmen I ever saw. The people talking about the microphone are indeed very ignorant…


Brian Murphy – Rochester Hills

An absolutely stunning production–vocally and orchestrally and dramatically. Utterly wonderful!


Greg – Ann Arbor

The Oct. 22 production was a very enjoyable evening. Carmen is a big production. I have seen it at the MET complete with horses, donkeys, and a cast of several hundred. Thus, it presents some difficulties for a smaller company on a budget. MOT handled this well. Setting the opera in 1930s Spain was not to everyone’s taste, but I think it worked and certainly did not detract from the opera, whose timeless themes of lust, jealousy, and duty ares still relevant today. The principles were excellent, though perhaps not outstanding. Don Jose (Puente) was strong, emotional, and sang with clarity and grace. Carmen (Jackson) had great presence and acting, a deep mezzo with lower register that could tingle your spine. She looked the part too. Micaela was superb. Her voice carried easily to the back of the house better than most. Escamlio was a little weak, more of a lyrical baritone who did not project well. The chorus and orchestra really carried the show. We were sitting near the back of the orchestra, row S, and I did get the impression that the voices did not project as well as in past MOT performances. Macbeth and Aida come to mind, both of which were outstanding. Maybe the softer French just does not project as well as Italian or maybe it was where we were sitting. In any event, it was well worth the price of admission. I am just happy that this art form continues to draw support.
In the end Carmen delivers all that one expects in a great opera. Emotion, great tunes, great orchestral music, and three deaths: one gypsy, one mother, and one bull.


MaryAnnn – Madison Hts.

The show was delightful! My son and I went to see Carmen, first time at an opera. The music and singers fabulous!


Anthony F. – Grosse Pointe

Ginger Costa-Jackson was superb ! Don Jose or any other man couldn’t possibly resist her charms; the balance of the cast was also great ! It amazes me that Susan Acton is able to get all those people including 2 dozen children to unite as an impressive force to add to the enjoyment of the audience.


Julie – Plymouth

This was our first time seeing Carmen, LOVED IT! The orchestra and conductor were superb, as was Ginger Costa-Jackson as Carmen. Also thought the Micaela’s voice was beautiful. Personally I would have loved if the costumes were from the time it was written.


Anne – Flat Rock

My husband and I took our grandaughter on Sunday Oct 23rd. The opera was fabulous. Our grandaughter is fourteen and loves plays and singing. Her eyes were just gleaming watching the performance. You certainly have a new fan. The performers were fantastic. Thanks


Maria G – Lincoln Park

Micaela was mesmerizing! Escamillo was drowned out–not a strong voice. Bring back Maestro Galli! From my view in the front row of the first balcony, he was a joy to watch! Fiery, Enthusiastic and Engaged!!! I loved the opera!


Happy – West Bloomfield

This was my first time seeing Carmen. I was disappointed. The singing was great but not passionate. Jose’ appeared to be over dramatized and Carmen lacked passion. When I attend the opera I want the music to move me. I felt detached from the story. The symphony was amazing.


J.L. Graham – Orion Township

This was my first time seeing Carmen. I was disappointed. The singing was great but not passionate. Jose’ appeared to be over dramatized and Carmen lacked passion. When I attend the opera I want the music to move me. I felt detached from the story. The symphony was amazing.


Sachiko Takano – Wixom

I do not know Italian because the Japanese (English also do not know). But, it displayed English translation, it was very easy to understand for me. Thanks to that, we were able to enjoy the great opera.


Dick – Plymouth

Very enjoyable performance of an old favorite.


Mary Andrews – Farmington Hills

It is almost impossible to state just how beautifully Bizet’s magnificent music integrates with Ricardo Hernandez’s intense, titanic, reds, blues, and, pale yellows set design. What a treat for the audience to be immersed in this world, i.e., the rarity, the clarity of sight and sound, bound inextricably as a blissful tragedy explodes before us. This production must be seen not only heard.


Marina Tsokur – Troy

I saw Carmen several times before. This performance was the best ever, offering us amazing female singers whose vocal talent and acting were superb. My eyes were filled with tears during the final scene of the opera. The way the leading singer singing the part of Don Jose portrayed passion, madness, and desperation was outstanding and heart-wrenching!
Miss Jackson gave us the true character of Carmen that is realistic and amazing to watch! I loved the opera and was proud to be in Detroit Opera House on that day!


Ann – Harrison Township

We attended the matinee performance, and it was wonderful! Carmen was terrfiic: seductive, and vocally terrific. Micaela’s voice was beautiful ! I almost cried during her famous aria…I enjoyed Don Jose as actor and singer, but I felt Escamillo had some problems with bass notes. His toreador arrogance was well done. In total, the orchestra, cast and production was a pleasure…Bravo, MOT.


Gloria Bookstein – Bloomfield Hills

I enjoyed the production very much! I’ve seen Carmen several times and this was on of the best. Thank you for all of your efforts.


D.D. – Commerce Twp

Every aspect of the opera was outstanding – voices, acting, sets, costumes, and orchestra. The minute it was over I could have sat through it again.


Agn – GP

Having been to the Opera House and the old Grand Circus Theater multiple times for many other events, this was my first venture into seeing an opera at this wonderful venue. I went to see Carmen because I loved the music and I was familiar with the theme of the story.
I was absolutely delighted by the whole experience. The singers voices were so exquisite and harmonious. The orchestra sounded terrific. The acting and stage set up was perfect. Overall it was an experience I won’t soon forget


PKM – Detroit

This was my second time seeing Carmen. Ginger Costa-Jackson took possession of the role as if it were written for her. Her voice, acting and stage presence were absolutely fantastic. The entire performance was wonderful – a great night which Michigan Opera Theatre should be extremely proud of.


Kelly C – Birmingham

Did not disappoint! Very glad we went.


Sally – Dearborn

Loved this opera! Ginger Costa-Jackson was a wonderful Carmen. Micaela had a powerful and beautiful voice. She received tremendous applause at curtain call. The opera seemed to go by fast despite having four acts, and had a typical opera ending. This was a “fun” opera, more contemporary than most.


Mary Joyce – Clarkston

Loved MOT’s production of Carmen. Ginger Costa-Jackson was amazing,as Carmen and Marcello Puente was wonderful as Don Jose. It was a delightful experience!


Mary – Hillsdale

We’re so lucky to have the Michigan Opera Theatre and the Detroit Opera House that stage full scale operas with professional quality performers.
Carmen was excellent. I particularly appreciated the casting in what must be convincing roles for this opera to come off. The singing was exquisite but the acting and staging was equally compelling. Thank you.


Elizabeth – Ypsilanti

I wanted to mention the additions that made for a special experience. “Opera Talk” before the performance is a great introduction, setting the stage for the opera in such an engaging way. I very much appreciate the email sent a few days before, with the opera synopsis and a reminder of parking options. Great idea!


Helen – Farmington Hills

Best Carmen that I have ever seen. The fact that she played the castanets while she sang was quite impressive.

Jack – Ann Arbor

My first Carmen and it was excellent. Sandra Piques Eddy was impressive, not only for her voice, but also acting, dancing, and playing the castanets. Luis Orozco was all that could be desired as Escamillo.