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  • Why do you support Michigan Opera Theatre year after year?
  • What is it about Michigan Opera Theatre that holds a place in your heart?
  • What would you say to convince someone to start supporting Michigan Opera Theatre?

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The arts make life better. And dance is a very special art. I am so happy whenever I am able to see a dance performance and I appreciate the intense years of work the dancers commit to for getting on to the stage. Beautiful.


Rosemary Gugino

I look forward to the selection of operas for the season as a variety of favorites to rarely seen to new. The rehearsals offered to seniors and students offer an inexpensive exposure to opera and are very well organized and appreciated by many and the student performances are a highlight of the year.


Dr. Stephen Munk

MOT brings beauty and passion to our lives and community. It tells the story of human emotion in a complete way. I strongly believe that the arts, engineering, and the sciences are the engines driving the progress of society.  I feel that we should all make a commitment to enrich lives and the health of those in our world. Michigan Opera, an arts organization dedicated to bringing performing arts relevant to our world, is a vital contributor to those goals. I believe that a “complete”, vibrant community needs a strong commitment to the arts, breadth including sports and restaurants, and critically, outstanding schools to be a thriving and growing place to live.  MOT is a critical driver of the arts.



When my late husband and I started dating we discovered a shared love of opera.  Happily, I can continue to enjoy the performances with good friends and feel close to my husband. MOT provides exciting big time entertainment but the people behind the scenes – from artistic director to CEO to box office staff – are all genuine and truly appreciative of their supporters. Through outreach with ethnic-based operas that have broad interest, e.g., Frida and The Passenger, MOT can expand its appeal and work to ensure the continuation of opera in Detroit.


Susan Peslar

I have very fond memories of visiting the Michigan Opera Theatre as a teenager with my parents. My father had season tickets on Wednesday nights along with my great aunt Frieda (who is the biggest opera enthusiast I know and still to this day, attends the opera every Wednesday night of the season). She shared her love of the opera with my father who, in turn, bestowed that appreciation upon me. Now as an adult, I like to uphold the family tradition of attending the opera on Wednesday nights.
I continue to support the Michigan Opera Theatre annually because it’s my favorite institution/establishment in Detroit. It is one of the most resplendent theatres, if not buildings, in the city that houses some of the greatest world-renowned performances and artists. Being able to spend time within the theatre is a true gift because of its enchanting history and stunning decor. Supporting the MOT is incredibly important to me because I want to make sure this gift is passed on to the future generations of Detroit.



As a child, growing up among 9 other siblings in the inner city of Detroit, I seldom was exposed to any fine art. My family had very limited means and we barely had basic necessities let alone money for activities. I do recall however, a field trip and I can’t remember where, but it was a museum of some sort and it was the only exposure I had had as a child and for some time until I was an adult. That one visit stayed with me, it somehow helped me to differentiate myself from my limited surroundings and seek more out of life. It gave me a peacefulness and discipline that I had never previously experienced. I still remember it now. That one visit sparked something in my imagination that never left me. I went to law school and I am thankful to say, successful in my practice for over 15 years now. I take my daughter to different venues as much as I can, every year, hoping she gains that same appreciation. That one visit for me, saved my life. That’s why i donate to fine arts, especially to have children of limited means exposed to a better society, so that they too may find that same peace.


Art Rose

Actually, I don’t know that I realized how much joy opera could bring, but the total theatre experience is absolutely mesmerizing. The productions are first class, a night at the Opera is electric.


Jennifer Marling

I had the honor and delight to work at MOT from 1989 to 1992. I remain a huge fan of the organization and a life-long member of the DiChiera family fan club. I will forever admire the way that David and Karen planted their cultural roots in Detroit and tended to them for many, many years. Detroit, the State of Michigan and the regional are better for it. I was raised as an opera fan and working for MOT only deepened my love for the art form and all its many facets. Even though I live in Chicago now my love and appreciate for MOT will live on. I made frequent trips back to Detroit to see opera and productions at the fabulous Detroit Opera House. Long live MOT! We need your arts and gifts now more than ever.


Ajene Farrar

The Opera House is the best venue in Detroit to enjoy fine arts, by far, and we need to preserve this building for future generations. My little sister is graduating from a fine arts college in one year, and I want there to be a place for her in her future. For both her, and for Detroit.


vince scanio

Why not give to MOT?!?!?! And where else can you get a good cry or laugh?



It’s simple. I want to make sure we continue to have different enriching cultural experiences through dance and music here in Detroit.


Gerald Fisher

Opera is fantastic, and not enough people know it!


Sumer and Mickey Pek

We are unable to attend MOT this year and are feeling a little ‘guilty’….this is a gift to thank Wayne for coming to Detroit and shaking up things a bit…and for his and Brenda’s friendship. Wish it were more, but there have been very pressing needs very close to home. Next year, we’ll try to get our season tickets again and join in the enjoyment.


Elizabeth and Erik Hildinger

We give to MOT because what MOT does is truly and profoundly important. Opera is one of our greatest cultural treasures, and MOT is helping to keep it alive and well!


Kathryn Woodyard

Give and Live via Art
Life expressed through music, dance, theatre, and fashion; all beautifully showcased on Michigan’s largest stage.
MOT embodies community: Networking w/schools & art institutions in SE MI MOT bring life through Art!


John S Snyder

I have given to MOT annually as my way of indicating how important having a “local” Opera Company is to me and to our community. MOT is important in its outreach to a wide audience of Detroiters.


David & Jimmie Sue Daniels

MOT is a terrific company that has shown an ability to survive and flourish through thick and thin. We salute David DiChiera for his indomitable spirit, and we wish the very best for Wayne Brown in taking over the leadership.



Mine is a long story which I will try to shorten.

After 56 years of no contact, a “boy” I had gone with and had played in the school orchestra with, made contact and a number of letters were exchanged. He lives in Louisiana and plays in three symphony orchestras in southern states.

In one of his letters – we had not met face to face yet – he mentioned that the opera Macbeth was playing in Detroit and asked if seeing the production would be something I was interested in. Since I had taught Macbeth several times in my teaching career, we made plans to attend the MOT. Both of us enjoyed the production immensely and, because we had such a positive experience, we have seen many other productions in the year and a half we have been together – still in contact via mail.

Macbeth at the MOT started two 74 years olds on a wonderful journey of enjoying togetherness in music.



Even though I attend the opera only seldom, I want the opera to be there for the times when I can attend…like the library or the symphony or a blue grass festival, or any other of life’s necessities!


Brigitte and Salvatore A

We believe in supporting the arts and we are thrilled to have opera and other classical entertainment of the calibre that the MOT provides. It is such a pleasure to have outstanding operatic entertainment available to this community.



MOT has given us many hours of enjoyment and beauty over the years. Although we can not attend at this time, MOT lives in our mind each year when we receive the brochures of the offerings for that year. We continue to donate to Michigan Opera Theater so that they may continue to enrich our community’s cultural offerings.


A. E. Schulte

Following my mother’s love and sharing of that love of opera with me. The MOT offers Dance which I love and Opera in live performances. It is wonderful that we in Michigan have the MOT available through the efforts of the MOT staff. My mother and aunt attended Dr. DiChiera’s luncheons and opera lectures. She so loved those. Eventually my uncle joined them!
Finally, I am lower middle income. Do not stay away because of your income. If you can put together even enough for 1 performance at the MOT a year. Save and enjoy. Mom was always low income but we went to the DIA, Fisher and Music Hall whenever she could afford to take us.


L. Johnson

What a magnificent gift David DiChiera gave to Detroit and Michigan with the creation of MOT. It is a pleasure to support this majestic addition to our city’s splendid art treasures.


Dr. Kay E. Greene

I support the Michigan Opera Theatre because it brings beauty and laughter to our entire State . I found my frequent trips to the Theatre after my work weeks were tremendous opportunities to escape the stress of daily life and enjoy the tremendous talents offered by the Arts World.

The Michigan Opera Theatre holds a special place for me as I have been in the position to see it come back from its crumbling condition through the years as it was restored to its original beauty. Even during the years of its restoration, the real beauty of the Theatre was evident. As the restoration progressed, each trip was a new enjoyment of its beauty. It made me, as a Michigan resident, proud to see this beautiful Theatre available to all people. In particular I appreciated the use of the Theatre for graduation activities and K-12 student trips. When you see the sparkle and awe in the eyes of the young people who are seeing the inside of the Theatre for the first time, you realize the importance of this place. I see in their faces a pride for Detroit.

By supporting the Michigan Opera Theatre you are giving back to a City that has provided the energy for the growth of this entire State. It takes beauty, people and laughter, along with industry and highways to make a great place to live. I think of the Michigan Opera Theatre as a necessary part of the fabric of our State. The Theatre is a beautiful jewel that brings to us entertainment. By supporting the Arts through the Michigan Opera Theatre, you keep our beautiful City moving forward and provide educational opportunities to our youngest residents.


Michele Cotton Stanfield

I give to the MOT because it continues to enrich my life, the people of Detroit through beautiful music! By supporting this wonderful organization, our future….children will learn to appreciate the arts in theater, drama, orchestration, choral music.


Kellie Evans Rao

Just came from “A Cinderella Story” by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. It was so beautiful…choreography, sets, staging and music, that I was compelled to come home and contribute to MOT. Bravi, everyone!


Mark Geoffrey

Music and the other performing arts have a “civilizing” / “humanizing” effect on people. Something sorely needed; especially, at this time.


Nancy Yee

I am making my contribution in honor of Dr. David DiChiera and all that he has done for the Michigan Opera Theatre and the City of Detroit. I, like so many others, have enjoyed the fruits of his labors for many years. Many thanks Dr. DiChiera!


Nola & Art Chester

MOT does a great job of bringing excellent opera and other productions to Detroit. It’s a gem of the city and we want to support its fine work.


Meghan Therry & Scott B. Griswold

We were first introduced to MOT when our daughter, Amanda Blaikie [formerly Sparfeld], became principal flute in the MOT orchestra. Over 4-5 years we’ve driven many hundreds of miles to see the amazing opera and Broadway productions in this sumptuous theatre, a true gem in downtown Detroit! Kudos to Dr. David DiChiera, and to those who continue this marvellous tradition. We only wish we lived closer so we could see all the productions.
Thank You!


Christine J. Berryman

MOT provides excellent summer enrichment programs for aspiring vocalists from the southeast Michigan area. The 2017 operetta camp provided my daughter with the opportunity to expand her talents and grow her confidence. The instructors were both knowledgeable, approachable and affirmative. Now I want to give back, not only by patronizing the opera productions, and supporting the rising stars, but also by giving of my time.


Akeem R. Jacobs

I’m transitioning from the military to the civilian sector which is a big move so I don’t have a lot to give and even still I give what I can to MOT because MOT gives this city something great. Opportunity. The Michigan Opera house not only provides a unique sense of entertainment but, also something for younger generations to aspire to whether that something be singing, dancing, or even stage production and instrumentation. Its on us the citizens to protect the diamonds that we have in our state and this is without a doubt one of them. Every little bit donated helps to do just that.


Wesley Smith

Michigan Opera productions, along with the many cultural and educational programs, make living in Detroit an enriching and ennobling experience. The intimate setting of the auditorium, (with no poor vantage points), the jaw dropping sets and lighting, the vigorous orchestra, and the spectacular vocal artists make having a resident opera company in your home town, no less envious or compelling than other larger markets, such as Chicago or New York. Michigan Opera Theatre is indeed a jewel and one that shines gloriously each and every season!

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