Year-End Giving: Give the Gift of Music to Children

Each year, Michigan Opera Theatre opens fully-staged final dress rehearsals of each opera for students. Tickets cost $10 per student, and schools are typically responsible for bus transportation. Despite the relatively low cost, many public schools have little to no arts funding, leaving thousands of children in our community with limited access to the arts. These dress rehearsals are often a child’s first experience with the performing arts, and it is our goal to offer these opportunities to as many young students as possible. For example, thanks to outside donations, last year we were able to subsidize buses and/or tickets for 800 students from seven different underserved schools to attend the children’s opera The Hobbit. However, because of limited funding, we still had to turn people away.

If you would like to make a year-end donation, we ask you to consider making a gift to underwrite tickets for an underserved school. A gift of $100 will pay for 10 students to attend a performance, and $500 will pay for the necessary transportation for a full classroom.  Gifts of all values are welcomed and appreciated.

If you would like give the gift of music to children in Metro Detroit this year, you can make your gift here: