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December, 2016 |


Roger Nelson

What a great performance marking our Fifteenth Year.
I have attended every performance since 2001 and it keeps getting better! It was really an added attraction having Suzanne Acton and Bob Christianson (Co-arranger and Orchestrator) talking about Too Hot and answering questions from the audience. The Opera House is such a beautiful setting and the lighting and sound in the theater are superb. I had a couple of new guests this year and based on their reaction I am sure they will be attending on a regular basis.


David Lau

What a work, and what a performance. I’ve become so jaded to the original Messiah it was exhilarating to hear it shot to the moon with a jazzy and soulful interpretation that could have sounded like a church praise band but didn’t. The talent on stage was Monster. All those brass riffs, all those percussion hits, clearly written, arranged and rehearsed, and all spot on, while sounding fluid and fresh. The soloists – impeccable intonation, incredible range, yet related warmly to the audience. The choir was infectious with their enthusiasm (they get to move a bit) yet right on with entrances and releases, even through some treacherous syncopation. Nits? Yeah, some of the soloist entrances kinda snuck into the audio mix a little late, and were occasionally buried a bit, but I’d much rather hear them nested into the ensemble that way than blasting too loud and drowning out such a rich ensemble. Reeely well done.



This was the 14th time we have seen and heard this performance and must say that it gets better every year. This is a joyous start to the holiday season and should not be missed.


Dave Deacon – St. Clair Shores

We were introduced to this production last year for the 1st time, and it BLEW ME AWAY !
The venue is fantastic, only outdone by the superb talent on the stage, including the director, conductor and ALL of the soloists . My only regret is that there is not a CD available. Coming form a family of professional musicans, the caliber of talent is outstanding !


Kotlinski Family – Farmington

This was our 5th year in a row attending the performance. Each year it seems to get better and better. Our enjoyment and appreciation of the talented musicians in our area increases leaps and bounds.


Jannie Scott – Clinton Twp

On behalf of my senior citizens who attended the event, they were just thrilled with the entire program. I had the opportunity to attend the performance several years ago and thought this would be a perfect holiday gift for those who volunteer helping others in the senior community. Please continue the wonderful work in giving the community an outstanding presentation for all to enjoy during the holiday season.


Mary Mazure – Rochester Hills

Always a joyous evening. It is hard to tell who is more involved- the cast or the audience. What a joining of spirits! It certainly set the season off on right foot. It is such fun to have a chance to enjoy each of the artists as they share their talents. I always ask for seats where I can watch Mr. Waddles’s hands. An extra treat. Finally our chance to all participate. Please, come join in.


Eboni – Detroit

All I can say is somehow the second time was better than the first. I hope the third time’s the charm. I plan to take my dad next year.


Jean Hopkins – Vernon, Connecticut

Loved the whole thing!!! Now just wondering if you will bring it to Connecticut. Have heard about THTH for years from Susan Fox and am so delighted that I have finally been able to attend a performance. Kudos to all!


Harold – Allen Park

AMAZING!!! The caliber of musicians was incredible!!!! As a student of vocal music, the soloists are excellent examples of how to train your voice. They sang from their hearts and were truly inspirational. They related to the audience so well that you felt as you were part of the show. I plan on making this my holiday tradition as long as it keeps coming to Detroit.


Emily Gordon – Washington Twp

Thank you for giving us a chance to review this wonderful performance. I loved every minute of it and was blown away by the quality of musicianship that I experienced. The soloists were amazing, and the choir was over the top. Not only did they sound good, but they were fun to watch. If I had to say anything negative, I would say that often the orchestra drowned out the singers- both the soloists and the choir. I wanted to hear clearly their beautiful voices but often could not. I have attended the Messiah every year for over 20 years and Too Hot To Handel was just an amazing gift to my senses. I will be sure to attend this performance again!

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