The Sleeping Beauty Reviews

March-April 2016




ABT’s lavish ‘Sleeping Beauty’ wows Opera House crowd
-David Lyman, Detroit Free Press 


Gregory Bator  – Royal Oak

Simply exquisite! This was a feast for eyes and ears! Go figure I stayed awake the entire performance too!


Mary – Atlanta, Georgia

Attended with my 10 year old daughter and we LOVED the entire performance. My daughter was over the Moon and continually told me her favorite parts. The entire performance was Beautiful and we won’t soon forget.


Alicia J – Detroit

I loved the show. It was very nice. I was only momentarily disappointed because the press (not MOT press) surrounding the event gave an appearance that Misty Copeland had a more prominent role. However that is not the MOT error. I enjoyed all of the dancers performances and thought the story was well told. All in all I had a great evening and would definitely return.


Monica Ensley – Toledo

Beautiful performance. .if anyone can appreciate the art..the craft..the dedication dancers have.. you will be delighted!! Go experience it for yourself!! #MistyCopeland


Natalie – Milford

Impeccable performance by ABT! The costumes and scenery were stunning in the setting of the gorgeous Michigan Opera Theatre. The orchestra sounded amazing. I could have watched for hours longer. Well done bringing this ballet to our city.


Marilyn White – Detroit

The dancing costumes set design and of course the music by the U of M musical society was breathtaking. The entire experience was better than I expected. Add to that seeing Misty Copeland live it was an experience I will not soon forget.

Thank you for your kind review, Marilyn. The University Musical Society was the co-presenter of ABT’s The Sleeping Beauty. All live music was performed by the Michigan Opera Theatre Orchestra.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Nicole –  Mt Clemens



Ziva – Royal Oak

One of the most aesthetically pleasing ballets I’ve seen. The dancing, costuming and set were delightful; a grand representation, I’m sure, of Petipa’s and Tchaikovsky’s original work. The use of local “supers,” was heartwarming as well, especially the children. The little ones put a smile on my face. I do not condone the children being en point, but other than that a magnificent ballet for all! And, of course, thank you Misty for be amazing and for all you do; Detroit loves you.


Vicki Lehmann – Windsor, Ontario

Lucky to have been a part of something so wonderful. The dancing,the costumes, the orchestra ! Wow Bravo everyone!


Dana – Bay City

The theater was huge and ornately beautiful! Other reviews of the theater said there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. I would agree with that. We were up in the mezzanine in the next to last row. Still a great view. Make sure you’re in your seat for good because there isn’t any room between the rows to walk through. That’s a trade off for being in such an old (but gorgeous) venue. The performance of Sleeping Beauty was phenomenal! All of the dancers were awe- inspiring in their skill and grace. The male who danced the part of The Bluebird was above and beyond The best out of the males. Aurora (Ms Boylston) and Princess Florine (Ms Copeland) were beautiful and graceful. The costumes were unbelievable! Would definitely come back to this theater. Would definitely come watch ABT wherever they are.


Gloria J Smith, DDS – Ann Arbor

The performances by all were superb, costumes gorgeous, and as usual Misty Copeland was an audience crowd pleaser during her flawless performance!!



Carl Stafford – Grosse Pointe Farms

An absolutely fabulous production that did not disappoint. This production may cause sensory over load; it was that fantastic! I went to see Misty Copeland, who was wonderful, but the other principal dancers were at least equally on par. If Misty is not dancing at the performance that you are attending, don’t worry, you will not be deprived of first-class entertainment.


Ada Nicole – Detroit

Everything was breathtaking! Each act and scene captured your attention. The dancing was superb and the costumes are simply beautiful.


 Jim Farmer – W. Bloomfield

 An outstanding performance with excellent costuming.
The orchestra was powerful and so symphonic. My guest was a former dance student and responded” it was an experience of a lifetime.”
Kudos to Wayne Brown and the sponsors and patrons.
Jim Farmer, Gamma Rho Boule’
Former member, President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities


Betsy – Toledo

The performance was absolute perfection! The set was beautiful, costumes were spectacular, and the dancers were flawless. My only complaint was climate control. The heat in the mezzanine was almost unbearable.

Thank you for your comment, Betsy. Your comfort in the auditorium is important to us. We will respond privately to your comment regarding climate control.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Lyn – Toledo

The performance was absolute perfection! The set was beautiful, costumes were spectacular, and the dancers were flawless. My only complaint was climate control. The heat in the mezzanine was almost unbearable.


Patricia Damian – Dearborn

Thank you ABT for returning to Detroit Opera House to perform for our pleasure!! You are indeed the best ballet company in the world!!!


The Halsells – Canton

What an absolutely magical treat for all the senses. This was our first ever ballet and what a spectacular performance. The music, the set, the costumes and of course the amazing dancers. Everyone performed with absolute grace and charisma! Carabosse was so diabolical! The Lilac Fairygodmother was an ethereal presence. Prince Désiré & Aurora’s performance was so moving. Best of all was Act III with all of the specials guest dancers! Princess Florine and the Blue Bird stole the show Friday night! Looking forward to our next MOT experience.


Eboni Denard – Detroit

All I can say is “Sleeping Beauty” was awesome. This was my first time at the ballet but let’s just say it will not be my last. As Arnold would say “I’ll be back”


Dorothy – Dearborn

Words fail me. Such a spectacular, flawless, outstanding, fabulous, etc. evening. Not only the performance by the dancers and musicians, the entire experience was beyond joy!


MF Walsh – Southfield

The production was visually stunning but the dancing did not come up to my expectations for classical ballet. Many of the featured dancers lacked “crispness” and were often out of sync with the orchestra. The younger members fared better and were a delight to watch.


Anita – Rochester

Capturing performance with exquisite costumes and talented dancers. Choreography included a variety of moves….A must see!


Vicki S – Canton

Excellent performance, however disappointed in not seeing Misty Copeland perform.


Jessica S. – Ferndale

I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience this performance. It was amazing. Everything from the set designs to the costumes to the dancing was stunning.


Dorothy L. Coleman – Detroit

I loved everything about it. The set decoration was excellent, costumes were beautiful, dancers magnificent, and the Opera House was the perfect place for this event.


Sarah – Milford

Incredibly disappointed. I specifically booked tickets to see MIsty Copeland perform. Using an extremely well known dancer (even to those of us outside of the world of dance) seemed like a ploy to spike ticket sales. The discovery that she would not be performing more or less destroyed the performance as I sat thinking about how expensive the tickets were for a performance that I could have attended another time at a better price. The music was good and the dancers were excellent, but the bait and switch tactics regarding Ms. Copeland were devastating.

Thank you for your comment, Sarah. Your ticket-buying experience is important to us; we will respond privately to you.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Kristi – Livonia

I loved the performance! The orchestra was wonderful; the costumes stunning; the dancing exquisite. Just wish I had had a better seat! 🙂


mindee – Detroit

It was absolutely magnificent! The costumes were exquisite, the dancing was spectacular!


Ava –  Ann Arbor

Fantastic from the scenery, costumes, orchestra and of course the dancers!!


CAMPBELL, Janice  – Windsor

Seeing Misty “in the D” – what a TREAT – she was AWESOME and all the little ballerinas in the audience were equally thrilled and inspired – THANKS.


Jeannine – Southfield

I really enjoyed the performance. I got to see ABT and Misty Copeland in Detroit, and I didn’t have to go all the way to NYC. Grand Pas de Deaux in the D!


Dan – Rochester Hills

The American Ballet Theatre’s* presentation of Sleeping Beauty is a super-sumptuous rendering of great 19th century classical dance. Tchaikovsky’s musical style is perfect for ballet as luscious melody works perfectly together with luscious classical dance. The piece contains waltz, folk dance, a bunch of styles and moves I have no idea the name of, fantasy, good guys bad guys, a king and a queen, princes and princesses, and a few rodents and carnivores. This work makes maximal use of the large and consummately professional roster of ABT artists. It is striking how the dancers smile, making all the amazingly complex and graceful movements look easy when everyone in the theater knows that the moves are as athletic, strenuous and as challenging as any form of dance could possibly be. This is great Art with a capital A and we in Detroit are lucky to have it here. It is a lot of fun.
* The ABT spells “theater” as “theatre” – you know how these artists are


Michelle – Canton

A stunning world class performance! This was my daughter’s first major ballet performance and I’m sure she’ll have wonderful memories for years to come.


Denise – Bloomfield Twp.

A fantastic afternoon of dance! Misty Copeland simply lights up the stage. What a smile and what a wonderful talent. The cast and costumes were superb but it was clear that the crowd was there for Misty.


Fern – West Bloomfield

The performance was outstanding. Costumes were magnificent and dancers were superb. It was a real delight especially for me to see Misty Copeland


Gsil – Fenton

Elegance, all the way. Every moment brought stunning talent and beauty in both costume as well as set design. The live music added the magic in every moment. Brava to Casandra for an outstanding Aurora perfrormance – amazing talent. The staff at the DOH made the experience at a sold out performance move along with perfect rhythm.


John Rusche – Birmingham

We are so happy that Detroit was one of the cities selected for this experience. Absolutely wonderful in every way. Dance. Costumes. Sets. Music. We were fascinated with the professionalism of the children. So well rehearsed. What a lifelong memory they will have.


Deirdre – Detroit

The show was exquisite and one of the best ballet performances I have seen! It was my first time seeing Misty Copeland live and seeing Misty in “the D” made it much more special. Everything was wonderful from the costumes to the music. I wish I could see it again. Thank you!


Pat – Southfield

Awesome performance in a stunning venue. Attended with my two granddaughters (11 & 12). Our seats in the lower mezzanine had a great view, much better than expected. The dancers, set, & costumes were stunning. A performance that will be remembered & cherished for a lifetime.


Rita – Ann Arbor

The set, venue, costumes, dancers and orchestra music were fantastic ! It was a truly beautiful and moving experience to be at the show! I thought it was unnecessary to bring in other elements from other fairy tales into the last scene (little red riding hood, cinders ect) but all the other scenes were magnificent


Karen – Detroit

A production that will be treasured for generations! Absolutely raised the bar on any further Sleeping Beauty productions mounted by a professional company. From the lavish costumes to the highly detailed and picturesque sets to the nuanced Pepita choreography, carefully constructed by Ratmansky, it was a delight in every sense of the word.
The ballet was very well served by the reintroduction of many of the pantomime gestures that have been gradually eliminated from ‘Beauty.’ They added more weight to the characters, and gave the show a better sense of having a narrative than most modern productions of Sleeping Beauty. In addition to the pantomime, I really appreciated that the dancers for the iconic fairy roles made them their own, taking the ‘traditional’ traits of these fairies and adding to them to create a memorable character–I won’t forget Violente or Canary any time soon!
The reconstructed Pepita choreography was an absolute treasure. So much so that I hope there are plans to professionally film this production down the line so it can be preserved for future audiences.
Overall, really beautiful, beautiful show. I hope that the Michigan Opera Theatre takes the wild success of this production to heart, and continues to host narrative ballets every year.


Alexa – Lake Orion

Breathtaking! The costumes were beautiful, the dancers were amazing and the music was fantastic!


Robin – Canton

Very disappointing coming from the ABT. The best part of the evening was the dinner we had before the performance, and the fact that I spent it with my daughter.


Gale – Farmington Hills

EXCELLENT! The costumes were beyond amazing. One disappointment — the parking garag doubled the parking fee for the ABT. The price for the two other dance performances were half the price of what I paid for the April 2nd performance — really disappointing.

Thank you for the kind words about the performance, Gale. Your comment regarding parking concerns us; we will respond privately to you.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Mary Mazure – Rochester Hills

What a prefect evening. Marvelous Pas de Duexes to smile brings cat fight. How nice to have a chance to just let yourself enjoy an evening of beauty. The Professionals bonded well with the appreciative audience. A special note of admiration and thanks to all the locals- adults and young people who followed the lead of the Company and performed very professionally and artistically.
Thanks to all involved.


Richelle – Dearborn

A wonderful production. The ABT has such artistry, strength and gracefulness. Beautiful in every way – this new production, the choreography, costumes, music, dancing, set and theater combined for a must-see event. It was wonderful to see the local dancers and to see Misty Copeland in person to be able to applaud her. That said, the leads were incredible.


Laura – Kalamazoo

I took my daughter and her friend to see Sleeping Beauty at the Detroit Opera House on Friday, April 1. We enjoyed the performance. The costumes were beautiful and so were the sets. The symphony did an excellent job. What a treat to have live music! It was a bit disappointing that a principal dancer did not dance the role of Princess Aurora.


Alison – Washington

The ballet was beautiful. My sister-in-law and I had a wonderful time. The dancer who portrayed Carabosse was fantastic. We look forward to the next ballet season at the opera house.


LaDonna – Detroit

This was a mother-daughter date for our first ballet. The show was magnificent, the costumes were remarkable and the dancers were graceful and flawless…. even the small dancers. I purchase these tickets for my child to see history, Misty Copeland playing in a principal role in wonderful fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” . Her character as Princess Florine was remarkable and well as the others, mainly Carabosse.The Opera House was a wonderful gem in Detroit to have it at.


Marion Muma – Bingham Farms

I thought the dancing and the music in Sleeping Beauty was wonderful. However, we could hardly see the stage and the dancers.
I did not like at age 80 having to climb to the top row of the auditorium, with steep stairs and without aid of a railing to get to our $109 seats. Where were the $49 seats I wondered?
My 78 year old friend who uses a cane and my 84 year old husband with heart disease were worse off. The last part of the trip up – to the “rear mezzanine”, was without an elevator! And afterward we felt lucky not to have fallen as we were coming down, holding on to each other, on the steep staircase.
Shame on the Opera House for charging so much for such bad and unsafe seating.

Thank you for commenting, Marion. We will respond to you privately regarding seating – your comfort and safety at the performance is paramount.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Robyn – Eastpointe

Absolutely fantastic! The production was so lavish and colorful. It made me so proud of the Detroit and Ann Arbor contributions. And, of course, I was so proud to actually see history-making Misty Copeland perform!


K. Russell – Detroit/Southfield

Although I have seen the performance several times an it was enjoyable, I am very VERY disappointed ….I was Expecting to see Misti Copeland perform. I purchased ticket back in October with the expectations of seeing HER. All of the online information received from from the Opera House stated that Ms. Copeland would be performing in Detroit, a predominantly African American City. As you are aware of, tickets for this season of Sleeping Beauty, SOLD OUT. Many people in the audience were hoping to the First (1st) African American lead in such a prestigious performance.

Thank you for commenting, K. Russell. We will respond off line to your concerns regarding casting. Your satisfaction is important to us.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Linda – Bloomfield

FABULOUS performance by the ABT, however, we never saw Misty Copeland on Friday night. We were “beyond” disappointed and feel that we were mislead to believe she would be dancing. With all the hype surrounding Ms. Copeland, I think the MOT should have been upfront about her limited participation on Thursday and non-performance on Friday.

Thank you for the positive review about the performance, Linda. Our goal is to meet your expectations. We will respond privately to your other concerns.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


S.B. – Grosse Ile

We loved the Ballet performance. All the dancers, choreography, orchestra, set designers, and costumes, etc, were beautiful and worth seeing. We appreciated the 7:30 start time, the volunteers were great, very polite, and helpful, love the prepaid parking. And of course the Detroit Opera House with MOT is a great venue and asset to the city of Detroit. Appreciate ABT coming to the “D”.


Susan – Ann Arbor

Absolutely a beautiful production —– costumes, sets, everything. And the dancing was sublime. Bring back ABT every year.


Audry – Troy

Saturday night was glorious! It was an incredible performance that kept me emotionally involved throughout. Spectacularly memorable.


Ann Katz – Bloomfield Hills

Beautiful ballet, beautiful costumes, wonderful dancing, great sets and a memorable experience


Barbara – Northville

Sold Out!!! Wow!!’ Excellent Production. Highly organized. Even area dancers were well trained.Opulent! Please return to Detroit. Missed Misty, but, all performers were excellent.
Noted changes in production! Audience loved it, too.Please come back to Detroit!


Jodie – Trenton

Exquisite in every way!


Ashleigh E. – Farmington Hills

Impeccable! The set was beautiful, loved the detail of the costumes and make up. Excellent performances by all of the cast. I especially love seeing Misty Copeland in living color. Money well spent.


Patricia Wagner – Rochester Hills

The opulent production of Sleeping Beauty by the American Ballet Theater followed the traditional Petipa choreography beautifully. I’m glad that I heard the informative presentation before the performance which explained that it was similar to the 1890 version. I have seen local Michigan ballet companies perform The Sleeping Beauty, and there is a comforting familiarity in the traditional music, story, and choreography. The Opera House Orchestra was superb! The fairies, royalty, and wedding guests all had whimsical qualities about them. The variations didn’t have the athletic wow factor of ABT’s Angel Corella in Le Corsair, but that’s okay. The sold-out audience was not disappointed.


SGW – Livonia

We attended the 2:30pm performance on Sunday and loved the show. Fantastic event for the entire family.


Michael Ward –  Shelby Twp

While the show was fantastic, as a season ticket holder I am incredibly upset that we did not see Misty Copland. We were mislead by the ticketing people. We were NOT give a chance to move to the newly added Thu night show. We will NOT renew our season tickets. In spite of that, kudos to ABT for a fantastic show……

Thank you for commenting, Michael. The added show was the Saturday matinee. Your satisfaction is important to us! We will respond privately.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Deb P – Lake Orion

We attended the 7:30pm performance on Saturday evening. The performance was spectacular. From the music to the dancing to the costumes…..all were exquisite! I loved every minute of it. The bonus was to see Misty Copeland perform, as well. Great job MOT, keep these shows coming.


James – Grosse Pointe Park

I believe this to be Tchaikovsky’s finest score. It was impressively played in the MOT orchestra’s performance. The venue was glorious. Dancing, costumes, and overall realization of this classic work were completely satisfying and a pleasure to experience. There was a great number of children in the audience who were enthralled by the story and perfectly behaved during the lengthy ballet. A wonderful cultural experience.


Erika – Redford

The ballet was amazing! The production was vibrant and exhilarating. The costumes were beautiful. Misty Copeland danced beautifully. My 10 year-old daughter and I enjoyed it.


Anestis – Saline

Exceptional performance of the ballet company! I especially enjoyed the above perfect musical execution from the UMS! Keep them coming!


Carmen L – Detroit

Ballet is indeed the most wonderful marriage between music and movement. What a magnificent show. What really brought it to life for me were the exquisite costumes and intricate staging. Lovely dancers, and a great opportunity to give to local dancers who got to fill minor roles. I will definitely look for more ABT performances heading this way in the future! (Also, shout out to the extremely polite and helpful staff of the Opera House, thank you!)


JoAnn Chmielewski – West Bloomfield

The most exquisite Sleeping Beauty I have ever seen and I have seen many! Peter Tchaikovsky must be smiling down from heaven!


Melissa Christina – Canton

It was a beautiful production. The music and movement a delight to all of our senses. As much as we were in awe of this experience, We were disappointed that Misty Copeland was not in the cast for the Sunday matinee. Many patrons felt the same way. It felt like a bait and switch. At the time we purchased our tickets it was not clear that Misty was not performing in the Sunday show. Had we known we would have bought tickets for the times she was performing. We are great fans of this beautiful young lady and have a great deal of respect for her as a ballerina, a woman, and a ground breaker! We feel blessed to have seen this production, wish it had included Misty.

Thank you for the positive review, Melissa. We will respond privately to your concerns (your satisfaction with the performance is important to us).
-Michigan Opera Theatre


DR – Detroit

I thought Sunday’s production was fabulous with unbelievable costumes and spectacular dancers. However, since all I read about for months was that Misty Copeland was coming to Detroit, I expected to see her in the performance. Why was there no notification that she would not appear?

Thank you for the glowing review, DR. We always want you to be satisfied with the casting and the performance. We will respond privately to your concerns.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Rick Lafleur – Lasalle

1st time for a Major Ballet Performance. Costumes, Sets and Dancers were incredibly Superb. World Class show and great Job by all! My son was privileged to be a small part of such a grand experience. His excitement and appreciation of this experience will last a lifetime.


Bettye – Grosse Pointe Park

The performance was truly breathtaking.
That said I was very disappointed that although I purchased my tickets last summer to see Misty Copeland perform, I returned from vacation early, she was not in the cast for my performance! I did in fact ask if she would be at this performance and would have chosen a different date had I been advised she would not be there!

Thank you for the positive review, Melissa. Your satisfaction is important to us! We will respond privately to your concerns.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Ann J – Minneapolis

We flew in especially to see Misty Copeland perform. While the production was very grand with many WONDERFUL dancers, we felt deceived. ABT should have been more upfront about Misty’s role. Misty has quite a following. It was truly a let down to get only five minutes. We paid for flights, hotels, meals etc all surrounding this “bucket list” event. The person sitting next to me attended for the same reason and had driven six hours from Milwaukee. I can’t imagine the disappointment for those who attended performances where she did not dance at all. All this for $169 tickets with a half-view which was not disclosed at the time of purchase.

Thank you for the kind review of the performance, Ann. We will respond privately to your concerns. Your satisfaction is important to us.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


MK – Ann Arbor

A true delight! Even my 4.5 year old “ballerina” could sit through the full 3 hours of amazing costumes and artistry! We originally bought tickets hoping we would catch Misty Copeland, but she didn’t dance that day and we were most definitely not disappointed. All of the dancers are superb and talented! The last act was especially delightful! Bravo to all, and thanks for bringing this production to Detroit.


Harriet Carter – Detroit

I was highly disappointed that Misty Copeland did not perform on Friday. The only reason I purchased tickets is to see Misty Copeland. I feel this was a bait and switch…
She performed Thursday and Saturday. I really want a refund. My entire row was disappointment and frustrated. I believe the Michigan Opera should have informed us that she would not be performing.

Thank you for commenting, Harriet. We will respond privately to your concerns. Your satisfaction is important to us.
-Michigan Opera Theatre


Kristen – Northville

AMAZING! Costumes were beautiful! Dancers wonderful! Orchestra outstanding! My friend and I had our 8 year old Ballerinas with us who absolutely loved the performance. They were in awe with the dancers and wide eyed most of the time. It was a joy to see them so into the performance.


Debs – Bloomfield Hills

Amazing performance! Absolutely loved it! Isabella Bolyston was flawless, the fairies, all of them, beautiful, Carabosse was fabulously evil and the dancing rats were a riot! Loved the pyro tech explosion! Wasn’t expecting that at a ballet!
Missed Gillian Murphy at Sunday’s performance. Gillian was the main reason we chose tickets for that show! I guess ABT will have to return so Detroit can see Gillian!
We understand that cast lists are subject to change — that’s the chance you take when you attend a live performance. You might see a performer’s debut first or last, lol!
I am just a few years younger than the reviewer who expressed concern over safety of the stairs but feel that a handrail would be extremely helpful to navigate the steep mezzanine stairs.


Lisa S – Farmington

Fabulous sets, costumes, music, and above all dancing! Also appreciate the opportunity for local dancers to participate in the production.


Margaret – Southfield

I truly enjoyed the performance and look forward to future performances. I was really glad that I was able to exchange my seat tickets from Friday to Saturday evening so that I was able to enjoy the brief but beautiful performance of Ms. Copeland, the pas de deux was lovely. But, I also enjoyed the grande pas de deux by the other performers.


Janet – GPW

A fabulous, lush production all the way around, even from the last row in the balcony. This is the way the classic ballets should be seen. Thank you for bringing ABT to Detroit!


Katherine S. – West Bloomfield

The performance was outstanding. The costumes, the opulent sets the lighting, everything was superb. What a treat! We do not get enough ballet coming to Detroit. I loved it!


Bhoss – Trenton

The Performance was delightful. The music was fabulous. So glad I went. People should be encouraged to not wear perfume and to say off their cell phones! The woman in from of me was filming a piece and the light from the cell phone was distracting and annoying.


Dina – Buffalo

This production of The Sleeping Beauty was stunning! From the unbelievable talent of all the dancers to the opulent costumes. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It was awe inspiring for my fourteen year old daughter who is an aspiring ballerina. We drove from Buffalo, NY to see this performance and we were thrilled with being able to see a professional ballet company of this caliber!


Kimberly – Detroit

Awesome! The costumes, dancers, and all participating on stage presented a stellar performance. The music was beautiful as well as the Opera House. Everything was great- this was my first experience attending Sleeping Beauty and I enjoyed the story. Great Set and perfect location! The hospitality was fantastic. Great Job ABT, Oper House and affiliates!


Ajarae U – Indianapolis

Perfect way to immerse yourself into something new and exciting . The dancers abilities and skill illustrated the story in the most intriguing manner possible !


Amanda – Detroit

Wonderful costumes! Great use of the stage, traditional yet refreshingly unique choreography by Alexei Ratmansky. Isabella Boylston is a talented, inspiring dancer who perfectly captures the emotions of Princess Aurora. The rest of the cast brings the plot to life with amusing and quips and dramatic plot points.


Debbie – Midland

I loved the show, but like so many other folks, I was disappointed that Misty did not dance on Sunday. I waited for months to see her and specifically went to see her. It would have been nice if she could have been part of the pre-show discussion and that didn’t happen either.


Lisa S City – Farmington Hills

Amazing! I have been wanting to see this ballet since the beginning of high school. I am so happy I was fortunate enough to have this experience. I loved every second of it!


Mejhoine – Macon

I flew to Detroit specifically to see this performance with my nieces. I was not disappointed. The costumes and the set were exquisite!. I enjoyed the orchestra. The dancing was magnificently awesome! It was well worth the trip!!


Robbie – Detroit

Sleeping Beauty was a feast for the senses! The costumes were extravagant and beautiful. The cast was marvelous and the orchestra was exquisite.
Misty Copeland was a treat for the soul. Her grace and smile lit up the stage. How fortunate we were to be there! Simply once in a lifetime.


DMM – Novi

ABT Sleeping Beauty here in Detroit was like a dream.
Thank you DOH MOT for sharing ABT and your heartfelt contributing to the rebirth of Detroit dance, music and theater.
We feel alive because of this and so many amazing performances.
You are teaching the artists of the future what can be achieved working together.
Thank you