Romeo and Juliet Reviews

February 2018


About this production

D. Duncan – Detroit

Romeo and Juliet was absolutely excellent. The performance was as beautiful as it was dramatic – with the costumes and music well executed. Misty, or Juliet,- was a stunning and mesmerizing performer! A sensational dancer! Herman (Romeo) was excellent, and beautifully strong dancer. The chemistry on the stage! His two friends (on stage) were a joy to watch! The solo performances they did were fun and showed great skill!
Last, the Opera House ushers were wonderful. They got people seated quickly…they knew the place like the back of their hand.
Check-in was also very quick and pleasant! My seat, in rear mezzanine was also fantastic for viewing!


Netta – Detroit

Absolutely beautiful performance!


Dondra Haesler-Elie – Bloomfield Hills

An amazing performance! I didn’t have great seats, so I couldn’t see facial expressions, but still got extremely emotional with the death scenes based on movement. I didn’t know a human body could act dead, but be alive and have such beauty. Misty Copeland is truly an amazing ballerina, but also able to transform herself into a ballerina actress. Romeo was outstanding, his ballet precision and beautiful pointed toes, his outrageous jumping, just extraordinary! Go see this!


Tonya – Davison

Excellent show. Misty Copeland was breath taking as Juliet.


Wm Lusk – Rochester

Superb production! Misty Copeland was ideally cast as Juliette – and paired well with her ‘Romeo’. Despite afew ensemble missteps, the cast was enthusiastic with at times some not so inspirational choreography. However, the leads were charismatic and displayed great emotion with their acting skills. Ms. Copeland demonstrated her prima-ballerina status – such power and grace – a rare combination. Kudos to the DOT for staging this production – and the orchestra was flawless as usual. Go see it!!!


Julie – Detroit

The male principals were fabulous, but Misty Copeland was just on another level!! She makes the impossible look effortless, such grace.


Tiana – Davison

Misty Copeland is my idol so to see her perform in Romeo and Juliet was a dream come true for me. This was my first ballet performance where I got to watch instead of being part of the show and I love every minute of it. The costumes were on point and the performers really moved me with their acting.


Kathlee – Royal Oak

Still have tears in my eyes
Copeland was exquisite
Romeo was so athletic and artistic


Stella – Windsor

A very dramatic story performed to perfection. Where to start and where to end, from Misty and Herman to the Romeo’s friends and really all of them a fantastic assemble that had a great, deep, beautiful chemistry.
It was and absolutely beautiful experience.
Good job everybody.
Thank you to the opera house and the staff to bring these great shows near to us, and make the experience very pleasant.


Ava – Fraser

One word “Awesome”. Dancers, orchestra, staging, costumes all were amazing. Misty Copeland was awe inspiring. Absolutely loved the performance. Only complaint was that it was extremely warm in the theatre which made it a bit challenging to enjoy.


Joanie Abraham – Franklin

The ABT with Misty Copeland is surely a memorable experience. Misty is magical and so etheral. her fluidity of movement makes her seem lighter that air. The performance is majestic with exquisite costumes and staging and you will fall in love with ballet if you are not already a fan.


Patti – Sterling Heights

Absolutely fabulous! Misty Copeland was wonderful, as were all of the 3 principle male dancers. What a beautiful opera. Go early to hear the pre-opera talk.


Laura D – Dearborn

Misty Copeland and Herman Cornejo exceeded my expectations! I just wish the story had a different ending (hehe)

Kristy – Oxford

Having seen ABT perform Romeo & Juliet several years ago, I knew what to expect. While, I was a bit disappointed in some of the ensemble dancing – obvious issues with timing, mostly – the principals were quite good. The sword fighting was impressive. I can’t imagine the hours of rehearsal required in order to make it look effortless. Misty Copeland’s performance as Juliet was breathtaking, and I don’t use that term very often.
Unfortunately, I felt the Detroit Opera House fell flat. This performance had been sold out for quite some time. However, from the parking garage fiasco to the refreshments at intermission, they seemed ill-prepared. We spent 25 minutes in a slow-moving line in the parking garage, after paying the parking fee, only to find there were not enough spaces (plowed snow took up many of the top-deck spaces, but management should have known that would be an issue). The parking staff, to their credit, was very professional considering they had to refund parking fees to angry patrons now stuck with finding another parking venue, and the very real possibility of missing the beginning of the performance. Considering the number of people that had to be seated at the first pause – and the ushers did a wonderful job handling that stressful situation – many were clearly affected by the parking fiasco.
Note to Opera House: Have a few portable refreshment tables available for sold-out performances.


JoAnna – Bloomfield Hills

My seats were very high in the upper balcony (but still very pricey…), so quite difficult to see all the detailed facial expressions. However, this performance was beautiful as the last time I saw this performed in Detroit!
Herman and Misty – superb! Jeffrey Cirio as Mercutio and Joseph Gorak as Benvolio also fantastic.
My favorite part? Romeo dancing with “dead” Juliet – stunning!


Jan – Royal Oak

My first ever ballet – FABULOUS! Dancers, costumes, music, scenery, the theatre…..all were superb! My only negative comment would be that it was very, very warm in the theatre.


Eleanor – Southfield

Took my granddaughter who was sleepy before the ballet began but mesmerized and thrilled with the beauty of costumes and agility and beauty of all the dancers once the curtain went up. Beautifully executed . We loved it.


Pat – Rochester Hills

Thursday evening’s performance was spectacular. Thanks for providing a world class performance in my favorite venue. Seeing Misty Copeland was a dream come true. It was a great place for people watching, too. Detroiters we’re dressed in their finest.


Dan – Rochester Hills

Lousy day and awful driving … but the house was full and the show was great. R&J is big time ballet that was graceful and elegant — great ballet, great costumes, great scenery. The musical score by Prokofiev matches action, movements and feelings with great themes and phrases. The prominent display of a disabled character in Act 2 makes for a striking contrast to the artful dancing. The swordplay is absolutely amazing – I hope nobody pokes an eye out with those things. Now – a bit of heresy to purists – I propose that superscripts be used to enhance the understanding of the action in the work. I know ballet is about movement and interpreting events through action and body positions, but some terse phrases about characters and action would help explicate and drive home certain aspects of the ballet. Think of opera or silent movies. I believe it is worth an experiment to see if audiences like this. I think I would.


Smitty – West Bloomfield

I found Hee Soo’s interpretation of Juliet nothing short of brilliant. Danill Simkin’s interpretion of Mercutio was playful and explosive. While these two artists were the most striking for me, the rest of the dancers, the conductor and the orchestra, as well as the stage settings, were excellent.


Nicole – Royal Oak

Hee Seo was breathtaking with her dance as well as her connection with her character. Entire production brought me through a range of emotions from feeling humorous to sadness.


Sara – Brighton

Hee Seo was light and airy in her movements portraying a beautiful Juliet. Hee Seo and Cory Stearns danced beautifully and perfectly together. Danill Simkins played a lively and playful Mercutio. Magnificant costumes and staging. The music was out of this world making the ballet even more grand and elegant. Thank you for bringing the production here to Detroit.


BCC – Pleasant Ridge

Having loved the music of Prokovief (sp) all my life I was in for a real treat.
I loved the presentations of the grand ballet in the house of the capulets.
It was absolutely sticking, the costumes, the rhythm of the music and the poses of the ballet corps as they danced. It of course is heart breaking to see the end of the “star-crossed lovers”, but that is what makes a great story, a wonderful drama and a magnificent presentation in ballet. Bravi!!!!


Jen – Ypsilanti

Misty Copeland was stunning . I have to mention that the website , emails , and all info said clearly “ no late seating “, then right after Act 1, the ushers let in at least 15-20 people in my section . They could not find their seats and were blocking our view right as Misty was coming to the stage for the first time . This was very upsetting and many people around me felt the same way. If you are going to advertise a policy , then stick to it . It was very unfair to audience members who missed the entire nurse’s room scene because others were late . Extremely inconsiderate to everyone in my section


Juliet R – Canton

Hee Seo is my favorite principal at ABT, and she did not disappoint! An unexpected surprise was the performance of Daniil Simkin as Mercutio. He lit up the stage. Flawless technique, so much energy! Worth braving the snow storm for sure!


Rashida Stephens

Misty and Herman were magnificent. The entire production was a complete joy. The orchestra was superb. The costumes and stage props were stunning. I was so impressed with the principals as well as the entire cast. There was a moment when I glanced over, and saw several people in the audience crying. The performance was moving. The chemistry between Herman and Misty was amazing. Misty is so graceful and delightful. I loved the final scene- it was touching and brought this great work of art to life in a way that I have never experienced before.
I also enjoyed the market scenes- the characters at the top of the stairs looked as if they were in a painting. I enjoyed the friends of Romeo and Tybault, the nurse, I could go on and on. It was absolutely wondeful!


Roxanne – Bloomfield Hills

Beautiful performance. Really enjoyed it and Romeo and Juliette (Misty Copeland) and Mercutio were magical. Please bring more ballet to Detroit Opera House



Y. Xu – Ann Arbor

Wonderful performance! I love Hee’s execution of Juliet, so elegant, so softly fluent in moving and dancing. My favorite was Daniil Simkin’s Mercutio. Loyal to friends and Daniil carried out his enthusiasm and energy via his performance. Of course, Romeo’s figure is always so attractive and his and Daniil’s spin were just fascinating. Love the performance! Even I drove with my friend in winter storm for the show it 100% worth it.


Françoise – Northville

Excellent production. Costumes were beautiful. The 3 principal dancers (Juliet, Romeo and Mercurio) were outstanding. Hee Soo & Corey Stearns together were technically extraordinary, and were able to convey the intense emotions of the characters. They were young, beautiful and had chemistry together. Danill Simkin’s Mercurio was stunning. The sword fights were well choreographed. As usual the Orchestra was wonderful.


t – Birmingham

Hee Seo’s performance as Juliette was completely captivating – she was expressive playful, demur, passionate and certainly graceful. Mercutio was a true energetic and bouyant delight. What amazing music performed by the Opera Orchestra. Overall a special evening. Worthy of the trip through snowbound roads .


Pam L – Sylvania

Romeo & Juliet exceeded all of our expectations. Even my husband and son who normally would rather do anything else besides go to a ballet, truly enjoyed it. We were there Friday night. The principle dancers were all wonderful and we loved the charisma of Mercutio, very fun and playful. Juliet was equally beautiful and graceful. The production quality was world class and the orchestra was equally wonderful. It was our first visit to the Opera House and will not be our past. It was definitely worth the 90 min drive in the snow storm!


Steve A – Madison Heights

Wow! The dancing and the acting were both fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about ABT’s current production of Romeo and Juliet. What a joy to have ABT with us in Detroit!


Kittie Stommel- Port Huron

The ballet was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be similar to the opera, with the music I was familiar with. And frankly, ballet, other than the Nutcracker and Swan Lake, are the only two other ballets I have ever seen. But I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I was blown away by the performance by Hee Seo as Juliet. Especially the finale. She was like a rag doll. I could not imagine how she was able to be so limp under those conditions. And Daliel Simkin as Mercutio was amazing! The entire ballet was so enjoyable, and the Principals were so very talented. Even my husband, who is not into ballet, found the program much more enjoyable than he expected. I prefer a more traditional type ballet, and this definitely fit the bill for me!


Anna – Somewhere in Michigan

Juliet was fabulous, but the ballet was too long and somewhat tedious. Costumes were confusing. Would not recommend.


Kathryn Stepulla – Detroit

Absolutely loved Romeo and Juliet. Would highly recommend seeing this fabulous production.


Philbins – Ypsilanti

ABT and UMS put on a great show! The Opera House is a great venue. Took my 16 year old (boy) and 12 year old (girl) and they didn’t break out their phones once…well, except maybe during intermission. My 16 year old had just read Romeo and Juliet in Lit class and was all into identifying the characters and telling me about their motivations. My 12 year old is in ballet and saw some world class dancing. It was a great family outing. Worth every penny.


Mary G – Chicago

It was so fabulous! The sets were stunning, the costumes were gorgeous and the music, provided by the [Michigan Opera Theatre] Orchestra, was phenomenal. The Detroit Opera House is a beautiful monument to Art Deco. And then there was the dancing. Oh, it was magical! Kenneth MacMillan’a choreography is simply spectacular. It follows the ebbs and flows of the music and brings the story of Romeo and Juliet to life! All of the dancers were exquisite, none more so than Herman Cornejo and Misty Copeland. When they danced their pas de deux for the balcony scene, I cried. If the Olympics weren’t on tonight, I’d go back!


Jessica – Detroit

The ballet itself was excellent. I was honored to see Stella Abrera dance the role of Juliet so elegantly. Beautiful, dramatic, emotional, inspiring. The costumes and backdrops were gorgeous and realistic. The music was awesome and perfect in every way. I could hear well and see the entire stage from my seat in the Mezzanine.
I was disappointed, however, by the atmosphere of the theater. They were still seating people 30 minutes into the start of Act I, which created a lot of distraction and disturbance as people were talking and shuffling into their seats. Our views were blocked many times by people standing and moving about. There also were children/babies making sounds and cell phones being used. I would hope in the future that the theater would enforce the rules and behavior expectations of its audience to not detract from the beauty of the performance.


Emily – Novi

Wonderful performance, beautiful costumes. It’s three hours long, with two intermissions. At times, it was a bit slow, but the beauty of the dancing made up for it.
The staff at the Opera House was very friendly. They called us because we had seen The Nutcracker and gave us a special price on these tickets and also for the Harlem Ballet. Looking forward to seeing that, too!

Wendy – Bloomfield Hills

Beautiful production. Stella Abrera was mesmerizing. Our group all felt the same way — we could have watched her dance all night. Bravo!


CRO – Utica

Wow! The production was terrific, the costumes were magnificent, the music was flawless and the dancers were PERFECT. They were graceful, dramatic, humorous when needed, and completely in sync with each other and the music. I truly enjoyed this performance and cannot say enough positive things about it. Please continue to provide opportunities like this one. The American Ballet Theatre are superb.


Lynn – Detroit

I loved the ballet. The dancers, the music, the costumes and the set were all incredible. My only complaint was that there were people being seating throughout the performance. I got an email before the performance that stated that there would be no seating once the performance began. Apparently that is not the case. It is very disruptive and not fair to the rest of the audience.


Mary Jane Doerr – Auburn Hills

WOW! A savoring experience! Beyond belief dancing by the ABT stars and troupe! Perfectly performed choreography! Expressive pantomine! Michigan Opera Theatre Orchestra strutting its stuff with Prokofiev’s compelling score. The Detroit Opera House sold to the ceiling! By the way is there a bad seat in this house?


Danielle & Catrice – Lansing

We went to Romeo and Juliet as a girls Valentines date and LOVED it! Stunning costumes, beautiful orchestra and terrific dancing. We enjoyed the evening immensely! Thanks Detroit Opera!


MelissaK – Howell

It was absolutely beautiful! Great performance, dancers looked like they were floating across the stage. Set and music were wonderful as well. Staff was pleasant. An amazing experience, can not wait for my next trip!


Sharone – Commerce Township

Par excellence! I was riveted to the edge of my seat trying to see each dancer at the same time (impossible). The performance was a gift that will stay with me for a long time. The music was splendid. I watched the 1936 Hollywood movie prior to coming which added to the experience. MOT, what a gem.


G – Detroit

Stella Abrera was absolutely fantastic in her debut as Juliet. The other lead characters were wonderful to watch, and the music was performed beautifully. However, the dancers were consistently a beat ahead of the music. It was a good performance, but I expected better from ABT.


Sue – Livonia

Stunning. The live music makes such a difference in a performance. Costumes are wonderful and the stage is well used by the set. The third act is breathtaking.


David Teague – Troy

I thought event was carefully plan out and ballet team in my opinion did good performance.


Beth – Grosse Pointe Woods

Wonderful performances by Stella abrera as Juliet and James Whiteside as Romeo. Stella’s dancing conveyed such delicate emotions: maidenly reserve when introduced to Paris, passionate love for Romeo, desperation, despair upon finding Romeos dead body. Wow! What a show!


Susan – Ann Arbor

Last night with Isabella Boylston and David Hallberg was ab solutely spectacular. Their dancing was outstanding, and the chemistry between them seemed genuine. Everything about the production — the dancing, the costumes, scenery, and orchestra —- was first-rate. A real treat, and credit should also go to University Musical Society for co-sponsoring. A production of this caliber would need lots of $$$ to succeed.


Patricia – Detroit

The dancing was superb. Considering the number of sets, and their complexity, the staging was smooth and the scenery telling. I find, however, the loss of some text takes away from the story not just of two lovers, but of the eventual reconciliation of families. If one were not familiar with R&J, the details (i.e. the use of a the sleeping draught by Juliet, the failure of the friar to notify Romeo, and the reconciliation of families, not included, which should have been at the end.) would be lost, although it was included in the print program. I understand that Prokofiev had wanted to make the ending happy in his original work. So, for me, there was some compromise . I agree with the above recommendation for superscripts in some places.
My husband and I saw the Saturday afternoon performance with Stella Abrera and James Whiteside. I thought they were wonderful; she was perhaps a little ethereal, but delightful, and he was terrific. The staging of sword fights was outstanding. Kudos to the entire cast and crew. I am delighted that ABT comes to Detroit. We have been fans forever, long before moving to the Motor City.


Marci Sease – Upper Sandusky, Ohio

The performance was once in a lifetime. The combination of the music and dance was mesmerizing and made it easy to get lost in the story. The emotion on the dancers faces made it so real-life no words necessary! The Dance Talk before the performance was very fun and personal, very comfortable session. The set and costumes were beautiful. Lastly, we after the performance (7:30 show ) in hopes of my daughter meeting her favorite dancer. Isabella Boylston came out and allowed fans to get autographs and pictures, even though it was late and cold. She was so nice and my daughter will never forget it, great role model for those future dancers. Thank you ABT will be waiting for your next performance.


Cathy – Howell

To see Misty perform as Juliet was on my bucket list. Now I can die in peace. Spectacular performance. The death scene was riveting. How on earth does she do that with her body? Hermans Romeo was heartbreaking. Good thing I brought Kleenex. Jeffrey Cirios Mercutio took a while to die, but his performance was moving. Lighthearted moments with Juliet and her nurse were unexpected and refreshing. Sold out performance resulted in braving the crushing crowd (literally…crushing) to find my seat. That was a challenge. Might want to consider relocating the additional beverage bar. It was jam packed, resulting in a mass of humanity blocking access to the main floor aisles. But, in the end, I have to admit it was all worth it to see such an amazing performance.


Anne – dearborn

The performance was lovely but the second act dueling was a bit prolonged. I would have liked to have a heads up on when Misty was scheduled to perform. As a long time subscriber, I would have taken the opportunity to exchange my tickets for a different date.


Ken & Carol – Farmington Hills

The performance of any kind we have seen in 50 years.


Zum – Novi

It was a beautiful production. The balcony scene was executed so wonderfully and smoothly – Isabella and Hallberg were so beautiful to watch. Thank you for bringing ABT again to the Opera House. They are the best.


Linda M – Farmington Hills

Romeo and Juliet was just beautiful. The costumes were gorgeous. The dancers were outstanding, we didn’t have great seats, but still enjoyed it very much.


Christine S – Warren

Absolutely stunning. Very entertaining and perfect for first time ballet patrons. From beginning to end it was a delight. I had a preconceived idea the ballet would be boring and dry but it was engaging and told a wonderful story.
Misty…ah Misty.. What more can be said about her that hasn’t already been said? I love to hear the young girls (and some old ones too) get so excited to see her. Inspiring the next generation of Misty’s


Gary Wozniak – Detroit

BRAVO – a stunning presentation of Romeo and Juliet.


Denise – South Orange, NJ

Amazing performance with Misty Copeland and Herman. Perfect combination of grace, dramatic flair and athleticism. All in a beautifully restored theatre. Herrman’s strength and interpretation left me awestruck. Thank you ABT, UMS and Det Opera.


Bonnie – Northville

What an extraordinary performance…this is an experience We will treasure…thank you for making it possible!!


Michael Morgan – Detroit

Lovely. I liked the choreography and the costumes were perfect. House should apologize to the artists (and patrons) for seating people during the performance. Bush league.


Bonnie – Northville

PS the orchestra was terrific too…what a treasure we have in the MOT orchestra.


CorinneO – Bingham Farms

MOT has done it again–a dance program that exceeds expectations. Beautiful in every way and congratulations to the orchestra for a superb job. Keep up the good work.


Kenneth Szatkowski – Macomb

Beautiful costumes, grandiose settings and world class dancers. Show was perfect.


Carol and friends – Hazel Park

Wow! Outstanding! Misty and Herman were both unbelievable dancers! All of the dancers were excellent. Costumes were fabulous! The orchestra was A+. So glad we braved the weather to see this superb performance!


Joan Carol – Detroit

Friday night’s performance was stunning. Hee Seo’s interpretation of Juliet, especially in the third act which was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was magnificent and something I will never forget.
Corey Sterns was the perfect partner and the two were flawless in their sequences. Thank you for bringing this performance to Detroit.


Michelle – Troy

It was so beautiful that I found myself crying at certain points. You didn’t need words to convey the excitement of first love, the angst of relationship turmoil and the heartbreak of death. It was emotionally all-encompassing. An incredibly moving performance. Misty and Herman had a chemistry that you could feel all the way to the back of the theater. I love dance!!


Audrey – Southield

The performance was absolutely beautiful! Stella was amazing. She moved effortlessly and with such grace especially, when on point. My cousin and I had excellent seats and we could see and feel the emotions on her face. James and Arron were equally masterful. So much talent. I’m so glad I didn’t let the severe weather conditions hinder me from coming to the Opera House. It was a great time. Thank you for providing outstanding entertainment!


Shelly – Grand Rapids

We felt fortunate to secure tickets for the closing performance of ABT’s Romeo and Juliet at the Detroit Opera House. Our drive to get there took three times as long as it should have, thanks to Mother Nature, but it was well worth it. The performance was beautiful–ABT was able to capture the story of Romeo and Juliet perfectly. Ms. Copeland portrayed a convincing young star-crossed lover and was beautiful to watch, as did Mr. Cornejo as Romeo. Jeffrey Cirio was magnificent as Mercutio, capturing the emotion, antics and power of the character and as a dancer. My aspiring ballerina was thrilled to see one of her greatest role models live and in person on the stage! The extras who were cast did a wonderful job, as well–the entire performance was a beautiful treat for those of us in the audience. In addition, the staff of the Opera House, as well as the staff of the very convenient Opera House Parking, were very helpful and kind in all areas. It made it easy to say we would love to come and be guests for future shows! Thank you for bringing a special artistic treat to the Detroit Opera House, and thanks to the many sponsors for making it happen.


Mark – Grand Rapids

Excellent! Please have this production return as soon as possible.


Jay – West Bloomfield

Perfect performance by the best dancers! Hee Seo is the perfect Juliet. It’s great to watch this world class ballet performance in Detroit.


M. Royal – Southfield

We truly enjoyed the performance. Misty Copeland was so wonderful. We started to cry well before the last Act… we were so awe struck by her beautiful portrayal of Juliet.


Betsy – Toledo

Misty Copeland was exquisite as Juliet. Even though we could not see her facial expressions from the 1st row balcony, her performance was so emotionally charged that it brought us to tears. Romeo was equally as impressive and their chemistry was superb. Costumes, set, and orchestra were amazing. Other than the icy drive from Toledo and a woman hovering nearby that constantly asked us if our seats were taken, it was a wonderful experience.