Paul Taylor Dance Company reviews

April 2018


About this production

Visnja Tijardovic – Windsor

Beautiful performance! Captivating dancers, lovely choreography, lights and costumes! Bravi!!!


Sue – Livonia

Loved the geometry of the last act.
Fun listening to the 60’s music the dancers looked like they were having a fun time.


Portia Fields-Anderson – Pontiac

Amazing! Refreshing ! Loved the energy of the dancers, the choreography was exquisite


Val – Birmingham

Outstanding performance! Definitely recommend it!


Susan – Ann Arbor

Outstanding! Excellent dancers and beautiful choreography. The program just got stronger with each piece.


anne sullivan smith – Dearborn

First act okay. Enjoyed the mamas and papas music but didn’t recognize many of the tunes.
Second act was mesmerizing. Scenic background perfect complement to the Vaughan Williams music.
Dancing exquisite!
Third act first part puzzling. Lots of bodies piling on one another. Second part more satisfying.
Sorry to see the house so sparse, although it was an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.


Fred. W. Kalsic – Taylor

Fantastic as usual !!!


Chuck Otis – Birmingham

I thought this performance by the Paul Taylor Dance Company was the best of the four different groups we saw. It was very entertaining and the four of us thoroughly enjoyed it.


Sarah – Windsor

What a wonderful evening. Each act got better and better. The final act was amazing!


Carolyn MacAdam

Finally, the quality dance company we have come to expect at MOT. The final piece was elegant and well danced. We do have a cosmopolitan ,eclectic community in Detroit which appreciates Bolshoi Ballet as well as Alvin Ailey and ABT with a more recognizable ballet such as Coppelia or Swan Lake or any classic complete ballets. We have a significant European population in our area as well as affluent African Americans. I was sorry to see a low attendance today, but you do need to consider your demographics and appeal to that in order to at least break even. We must not lose the MOT diversity of program….just need more precise marketing.


April Fleming – Detroit

Excellent show. Wasn’t too long or too short. Dancer were great. Smooth transition and technique. Loved the show.


June – Warren

I brought a group of students and parents to Paul Taylor Dance Company’s performance at the Opera House, and we were thrilled and thoroughly entertained by the beauty and power of the choreography and remarkable professionalism of the dancers. Not only were they skilled and beautiful to watch; but the whole performance was full of exciting surprises and moments which captivated our hearts and minds fully. Thank you for a great evening! We will be back for more performances!



Bud Liebler – Bloomfield Hills

Absolutely beautiful! The music, costumes, simple sets and the dancers were a joy to watch.


Frances – Bowling Green

I grew up in dance rich Los Angles, have lived in the dance desert of the Midwest, and am exhilarated and made totally happy to have taken in, absorbed, assimilated, and gloried in yesterday’s experience. Promethran Fire was all I had hoped and imagined…the essence of motion and music. I am thankful that I was were I was yesterday. A perfect moment in time.


Rachel T – Allen Park

Took my 5 year old daughter to see the show, she is in her second year year of dance and ballet classes. She loved the performance. She was on the edge of her seat the entire time, watching every detail of the dancers. It was a powerful performance from the company, and we really enjoyed the show! Bravo!


Zoe Furgison – Bloomfield Hills

Absolutely the best modern dance company to appear on the stage of MOT ! Please bring them back !


Ellen – Franklin

Best Dance performance of the season
Paul Taylor’s choreography is so incredible and the dancers
are superb
we must engage them again soon
The audience was immersed in the quality of performance
and roaring with approval


LK Williams – Boardman, Ohio

I LOVED the 2nd act – costumes and performances, and enjoyed the 3rd. The choreography on the first was not my cup of tea. The music blared but the dancing did not match the fervor of the music and the time period.
My favorite performance of the season was Romeo and Juliet, for choreography and superb performances by the dancers.